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Customizable hosted payment gateway solution

Delivering omnichannel experiences to the merchants/retailers by allowing them to accept payments from multiple channels

Project Name

Payment Processing Solution

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Financial Services & Solutions



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Client background

TrustCommerce is a USA based finance company specializing in delivering fast, secure, and reliable payment gateway processing solutions to all sizes of companies to safeguard the merchant-customer relationship. They provide custom payment gateway solutions to support different business models.

They offer a wide range of smart payment solutions such as end-to-end encryption, EMV, multi-purpose devices, software vendor integration, and consolidated reporting. These solutions help the merchants/retailers to leverage secure and instant payment.

Moreover, the client enables merchants/retailers with powerful tools to collect online and offline payments securely through multiple channels such as Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH/electronic check, etc.

What was the objective of the client?

TrustCommerce helps different clients from diversified industry verticals in creating customized payment gateways as per their specific business needs. They wanted to partner with an experienced IT service provider who has proven expertise in developing custom payment processing gateways for their end customers.

The client expected to have a payment processing solution that allows to extend and shrink features, functionality, and fields in the web-based form as per the changing requirements. They also wanted to create a custom UI/UX design for each solution to meet the branding specific requirements of the merchants/retailers.

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?

Credencys works closely with TrustCommerce to build highly customized payment processing gateways for startups to Fortune 500 companies. We have developed a payment gateway form with important fields. Based on the custom requirements of merchants/retailers, we add or remove fields and functionality from the standard form.

The custom solutions securely collect payment information of shoppers and redirect the data to the defined page to view transaction details or continue shopping. We have integrated multiple payment channels in the solution such as Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH/electronic check, and more.

Credencys develops custom payment gateways for Point of Sale, mobile, e-commerce, omnichannel, and merchants to enable customers with seamless and secure payment experience.

Key features of the ​​​​​​​application

Business specific customization

As per customer’s industry domain, we add or remove fields from the payment gateway form. Credencys develops custom features and functionality, and integrates them in the form to meet specific business needs and customer demands.

The form allows organizations to capture and track business-specific data and payment detail specifications along with basic fields- ticket ID, card details, and amount.


Businesses can leverage the flexibility to create highly dynamic payment gateway forms as per their specific requirements.

Multiple payment options

Based on customers’ requirements, we integrate a variety of payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, ACH/e-check, encrypted POS device payments, etc. in the payment processing gateway solution. Merchants/retailers are allowed to perform one-time, recurring, and store-only transactions using different channels of payment.


Increased cash flow as merchants/retailers can accept payment from all the payment channels.

Customizable page design

We create customized UI/UX designs for the payment gateway pages so the solution looks like an integral part of the merchant’s existing website. We make sure the interface resembles with branding elements of the merchant’s existing website or portal. business.


Reduced cart abandonment as the payment gateway page design seems like a part of the business website or portal.

Different payment gateway integration

Credencys integrates varied payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.Net., WePay, etc. in the custom payment gateway solution as per the specific requirements of merchants/retailers.


Enable customers with multiple payment gateways so that they can select the suitable one to make instant payment.

Key results achieved through the app

Before the time solution delivery for all the projects

Developed custom payment processing solutions by matching the coding standards of TrustCommerce

Business impact/benefits of the app

Improved customer engagement

The client connects with more and more dynamic businesses who wanted to develop personalized payment gateways for their custom payment processing solutions. They can address all the specific technical needs of the businesses by offering the required integration and configuration.

Ensured security of payment data

To keep the sensitive payment data secure, we offer end-to-end encryption, tokenization, and API integration with Direct Post. Credencys stores the shoppers’ payment information on TrustCommerce’s existing solution to ensure the safety and security of data.

Technology stack

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