Boost Profitability with Workforce Management

Monitor Quality Control Performance & Manage Workforce Attendance Seamlessly

Advanced mobile workforce management apps help you enhance day to day operations and enhance productivity. Out-of-the-box workforce management apps for mobile devices allow supervisors to allocate tasks in real-time along with the monitoring functionality. Track task-status of each employee from an intuitive dashboard.

Managing Workforce Made Easy With Mobility Solutions

Intuitive Dashboard for Supervisors

The user-friendly interface of mobile workforce management allows supervisors and managers to have a complete idea about important tasks to be undertaken.

  • Automatic and seamless task creation
  • Watch if your tasks are getting done on time
  • Automatic task escalation
  • Text/Email notifications
  • Identify the right person for a task automatically
  • Delegate tasks to sub-ordinate’s mobile device

Workforce Planning & Attendance Management

Workforce management applications facilitate resource capacity planning. With workforce management solutions, you can say good-bye to missed SLAs, high overtime costs and low resource utilization. Moreover, you can also ensure an accurate capacity planning using such performance management app.

  • Plan shifts & schedules
  • Minimize employee downtime by monitoring attendance
  • Register new employees remotely
  • Detailed attendance tracking status
  • Record attendance in offline mode
  • Get reminder about pending attendance entries

Support for Local Language

Your subordinates and other users (agents, supervisors, quality control analysts, workforce planners, & business analysts) can see specific tasks assignment in their preferred language.

Complete User Task Management

Your users can have a complete understanding of tasks with this sort of functionality. They can easily-

  • Accept, pause and resume tasks
  • Decline tasks in case of interruptions
  • Indicate time for task completion

Works On Smartphones Of Your Customers

Enhance your customer-experience when they are in your store. Mobile workforce management application allows customers to request help using their smart devices. This request is delivered as an urgent task to your employee to offer immediate assistance to the customer.

Advanced Reporting & Performance Management

Custom mobile workforce management apps also come equipped with advanced reporting and metrics functionality to improve productivity. Supervisors can easily review tasks done by a specific worker and find out whether that particular worker needs training or not. Besides this, you can also benefit from other features like –

  • Identify workers’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Session recording and agent evaluation
  • Capture and evaluate customer interactions across telephony environments
  • Facilities for surveying and coaching
  • eLearning capabilities to improve the skills of your workers
  • And lot more as per your needs