Boost Your Revenue Stream with Face Tracking based AR Experience

Increase your conversion rate by allowing customers for virtual try-on of different products using AR face tracking app

Attract a wider customer base by allowing them to choose a perfect product from your wide range that suits to their face. Let consumers make well-informed buying decision by allowing them to try different products on their face without visiting your store with your AR Face Feature Tracking solution. Increase customer interaction with your brand by offering them highly personalized experience harnessing the power of augmented reality


Lots of colors and shades are available in all the cosmetic products. With AR face tracking app, you can allow consumers to augment different cosmetics on their face and select right products as per their skin tone and facial features

  • Upload all colors and shades of your wide ranging cosmetic products in the app
  • Allow your customers to apply different colors and shades of a particular cosmetic category on their face
  • Users can apply a collection of varied cosmetics on their face at the same time to have a complete look of their facial makeup
  • Allow your consumers to share the new look with others to get their valuable suggestions


Smoothen the process of jewelry selection for your consumers using AR face feature tracking solution. Users can pick the jewelry, augment it at a particular face area and quickly make decision about how it looks

  • Allow your customers to access and choose the best designer jewelry from hundreds of designs at any point in time
  • Allow your consumers to share their favorite designs with their loved ones via different social media platforms
  • AR app allows consumers to have a fully immersive view of their favorite designs
  • Customers can make a more informed decision as they’ll be able to see the smallest details of the jewelry design


Increase your brand value using AR face tracking app for your eyeglasses business. It will help consumers to select an elegant glass frame that suits to their face through virtual trial using their smartphone

  • Allow your consumers to choose from thousands of frames and make an informed purchase decision
  • The virtual 3D try-on will enhance customer experience by allowing them to try different glasses on the go. Users can share their look with others too
  • Consumer mobility will increase as they can make purchases anytime from anywhere using AR face feature tracking solutions

Benefits of AR Face Tracking App Solutions

Encourage Efficient Purchase Decision

Influence your customers buying decisions by offering them a variety product and allowing them to choose the best within least time and efforts

Enhance Connectivity

Attract more customers by providing them with a fully immersive experience via 3D augmentation of your products on consumer’s face

Enrich customer experience

Enhance Brand marketing by implementing creative tactics with face based AR experiences

Elevate Sales

Increase your sales by alluring more new customers and tempting them with your AR face feature tracking app

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