Any machine, product or object becomes self-explanatory using object overlay AR solutions. Impose the relevant and required information on the object so users can access the details in real-time. Educate the users about the subjects quickly, easily and interactively with immersive AR content. Deliver personalized experiences by allowing users to display their preferred content on the targeted object. Empower your staff or users by allowing them to access the pool of relevant information about the object in real-time.

Maintenance & Repair

Improve the productivity of your maintenance staff using object overlay AR solutions. Deliver faster maintenance and repair of products or machines to improve customer satisfaction

  • Create 3D technical illustration with required guidelines and impose them on the product or machine
  • Reduce the equipment downtime by providing accurate services following the AR based guidelines that give a visual presentation on how to address a particular issue
  • Increase operational speed as technicians can quickly fix the breakdown by tracking machine


Museums show a glorious history of human evolutions in different spheres such as art, culture, civilization, technology, biography, and more. Allow visitors to explore detailed information about each object placed in the museum using their handy devices

  • Impose relevant digital content on museum artifacts and allow visitors to access the extensive information
  • Enable visitors with a richer understanding and view of the origins, history, and details of the cherished pieces of the display
  • Encourage visitors to explore about the object by interacting with imposed digital content


Increase customer engagement with your brand by creating object overlay AR based marketing campaign. Deliver them an immersive and personalized experience where they can view their name on the physical beverage bottle

  • Boost your branding by allowing customers to impose their name on the beverage bottle in real-time
  • Users can write their name on a touch-enabled device. The name reflects on the Kiosk and a projection device fetches the details of username and displays it on beverage bottle
  • Improve your brand recall by clicking a picture of the personalized beverage bottle and sending it on user’s email id


Enhance the traditional education process by adopting the latest technologies of AR. Make the subject more interesting for the students by explaining the topic in an immersive and interactive way

  • Explain the subject by imposing relevant AR content on the targeted object
  • Students can get a better understanding of the concept as they can access augmented information about the subject from their smartphones
  • Make the class lectures more interesting and engaging by allowing students to interact with the object
  • Learning becomes fun with object overlay AR apps where students can access ample knowledge on the go
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Benefits of Object Overlay Based Augmented Reality Development

Access to Extensive Information

Quick access to ample information about the particular object educated users about the holistic view of products or machines

Gain Better Insights about Object

Provide relevant information about the object through an immersive presentation. It becomes more interesting for users to consume the details with AR content

Deliver Impressive Experiences

Help users to explore about the objects and understand them on their own by accessing the details imposed on the items

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