4 Reasons How Identifying Your Target Audience Make App Thrive

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By: Sagar Sharma

4 Reasons How Identifying Your App’s Target Audience Can Make Your App Thrive

Road mapping of app is done!

Now, the very next step is to start execution of the project.

But, who is your target audience, is it decided?

Thinking, what’s the need of defining it earlier, does it really matter?

YES, it is.

You have to figure it out before you go further. Geographic, demographic and psychographic are the three basics that you should be aware of.

As this unknowingly missed step has made many Apps to flop in the market.

With market research, face-to-face interactions and surveys you can identify your app’s target audience that will assists you in determining how to design the app, what features you should include, which languages to consider and pretty more.

Let’s discover why knowing target users formerly are of great value for the success of your app

Scrutinize and understand the User needs

An App can only suit and satisfy the needs of a specific market. Therefore, the producer needs to understand the market, which is known as the target audience. This is the core set of users who will benefit from using the App.

Additionally; they need to identify the needs that exist in the group and to satisfy them. Apparently, there are very many Apps and statistically, thousands are produced on a daily basis. As a result, many of the needs in the market are satisfied, but there are gaps that exist.

Therefore, the initial step after identifying the target is to conduct a marketing research that identifies what they need. This is mainly done by asking questions and looking for pointers to the gaps that exist in the market.

Help in Identifying audience interest

Understanding the motivations of the group will inform the producer why the audience needs the App. This question concerns why the group would be interested in the App and why they would want to acquire it.

As a result, you as the producer will understand the features that must be included in the App. Moreover, it will ensure that your product is relevant and useful to the group. Furthermore, it will increase the number of users, as they are likely to spread the word to their friends if things are of their interest.

Designing your app in accordance with your audience’ interest means turning them into the brand ambassador of app.

Let you know what features to include

The research will determine the features that the target group would prefer in the App. For instance, if they value privacy, you will be required to ensure that they feel that their information is fully protected. On the other hand, if they prefer openness, you will reduce the privacy to ensure that they share their information with a large clientele.

it determines the functionality of the App. Consequently, the knowledge increases your innovation as you research on how to add new features that are not found in any other device. Subsequently, this increases the growth in the firm and adds the clientele as customers flock where new features that meet their needs are. Similarly, it allows you to beat your competition with ease.

Ease the marketing

Attempting to blanket everyone with same marketing message or strategy means you lost your half battle before even stepping into the field.

Once, you know about customer persona geography and demographics, you can easily define and decide marketing tactics that are really going to touch your user base, otherwise, it’s like hitting the walls.

So, when you invest good bucks on marketing after knowing how to reach your customers, you will surely get the desired results and preferably good returns.


If you wish to develop an App, it is of utmost importance that you identify the target audience before developing the device. This will help you understand the features that need to be in the App, as you will understand the core values and motivations of the group.

Consequently, you will reap ample benefits from the same, as you will be more competitive than the other sellers will.

With these, you will report higher sales and profitability and the customer loyalty will also rise.

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