5 Expectation That You Should Re-Think Before Engineering an App

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By: Sagar Sharma

5 Expectations That You Should Re-Think Before Engineering an App

So you have finally come up with a great idea for your very first app.

That’s great news, and with so many tools out there to make your idea turn into reality, it’s so easy, right?

Your app is both unique and useful so it will most certainly become popular in the app store the second you submit it.

It may be that you have already jumped a step and have actually developed your app and you’re ready to submit it to the billions of users who are going to download it.

In fact, in all honestly you may even think you have the next Flappy Bird app and you will take the app store by storm.

Well, unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. Both the Google and Apple app stores are heavily crowded with competitive apps (with 1.3 million new apps hitting the stores each week) and users are looking for the ultimate and most professional looking apps available. Which means standing out in the crowd against competitive apps isn’t as easy as you may think.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t entirely mean the effort of developing an app isn’t worth it. Though it does mean you will need to face the hard truths about the journey from app development to app success.

Let’s take a look at five of the most common expectations most app developers encounter, before revealing the truth behind them

1) Building an app is so easy

It’s not uncommon for developers to use a pre-formatted app, but don’t forget the hours of extra coding, troubleshooting, feature identification and tweaking. There are many tools and services that allow you to develop your app from a variety of app templates in order to create your app quickly. Nevertheless, even with the use of these resources, developing and building your app requires plenty of commitment.

2) Developing a mobile version of website is effortless

Apps do not work well when their purpose is to just look ‘cool’. Building an app is about meeting needs for your users. Mobile websites are great for browsing, whereas apps are developed in order to help a user complete a task. Your app would be far more beneficial if you considered the user scenarios that your app should meet and not your website.

3) Submission of app to the app store is undemanding.

The reality behind submitting the app you have worked painstakingly on, is that it will most probably be rejected by the app store. Your app must be near perfect in order to be accepted. This is why testing is needed before you decide to submit. Double check that your app doesn’t crash, use the camera or microphone without the user’s’ knowledge or use private APIs.

4) No need of app marketing

Now that your app is in the app store, it doesn’t necessarily mean the people you want to see it, will. You must optimize your app store listing in order to gain better rankings and visibility. 60% of all app users discover apps through a search, so if your app listing isn’t optimized with relevant keywords, descriptions and screenshots, your app won’t rank high enough to be discovered.

5) Users will automatically reach and download my app

As yourself if you are utilizing any other form of marketing channels in order to drive attention to your app? There are many great channels for promoting your app, especially in the form of campaigns across social media. It’s recommended that you track your campaigns to see where you are receiving the most engagement from.


Apps are constantly developing and changing the way users interact with their devices as there is no sign of the app market slowing down anytime soon.

To make sure that you receive nothing but success for your app always keep the above expectations in mind, and think realistically about the strategies you need to implement in order to make your app thrive in the market.

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