5 REASONS - Which Platform is best for Your App Development

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By: Sagar Sharma

5 REASONS Specifying Which Platform is best for Your App - iOS Or Android

All you need is a real platform to get started with the Apps. App development companies have different strategies to select the platform for launching their apps.

It depends that the apps they are launching are meant for Windows, Android, Apple or for all three devices. Don’t get entangle in the network of platforms like Android, iOS, asp.net or Joomla and Google Launchpad. Let’s narrow our option to iOS and android selection

iOS, a sophisticated launching pad is committed to Apple customers only. It has identical elements. You have to switch the platform if you are using any other device. The apps cannot be moved to other platforms and the customers using iOS apps are ready to pay for it but these are lesser in number as compared to the ordinary Android users. Special skills are required to develop the iOS Apps. Although the trend is diverting towards the iOS launching platforms but Android platform’s utility made it more vulnerable for new App launching.

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Why to use Android?

This widely use platform is the most convenient stage to launch the Apps for the following reasons:

1) Customizable options

Android devices have customizable options .it instantly provides accessibility to e-mails calendars or social media via its shortcuts and updates. Unique indoor mapping, subscriptions based music service free video calls are available and accessible. The screen offer you to make custom alterations of your requirements

2) Tailor-made options

Androids provide the opportunity for other developer and hardware specialists to make changes in Android devices easily .they tend to add their customs on top of the existing Android software.

3) The pricing option

The worldwide usage of Android has made it economical to install. It offers cheaper Apps. Android apps can be used in affordable devices, devices like manufactured by Huawei and ZTE China for less than£ 100 and if you are not convinced with the quality of these phones then you can go for Motorola with the Moto g and Google with its Nexus with £150 and £300

4) Google services

Android has officially incorporated Google play store to download new software, Google services are built in by default in android and android is designed to ensure integration with them all. Google is renowned for building innovative hardware accessible in modern devices

Schmidt the CEO of Google said in an interview: “Android is more secure than the iPhone”
Schmidt added: “You will be happier with Gmail, Chrome, and Android more than you can imagine”.

5) Accessible in modern devices

This New Year will exhibit many new innovative devices like HDMI, Smart TV sticks. These devices have variable screen measurements like from no screen to 24″screen, likewise modified tablets, phablets and other revolutionized device will adopt Android as its operating platform which offers interconnectivity between all devices.

Hence, in spite of the modish variety of iOS platforms, it is economical and accessible to use Android as a platform of launching your Apps.

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