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By: Sagar Sharma

AIRPUSH SDK – Mastering the Basics

Airpush is the 2nd largest ad network for Android and the first in terms of monetization performance for advertisers and developers. Over 40,000 apps from 150 countries use Airpush’s next-generation ad formats in order to generate 10-30x higher returns than traditional in-app ads. Many of the world’s top advertisers use Airpush to generate much higher ROI than previously possible with engaging campaigns that get noticed and drive results.

The Airpush Android SDK is a java-based library that allows publishers to monetize their app(s) with unique, innovative ad units.

There are 4 types of ad units available in this SDK.

1. Push Notifications Ads

Push notification ads are text ads shown in the notification tray of Android devices. Unlike traditional mobile ads, these ads are not placed inside apps. Each ad is also tagged with a permanent opt-out link, as well as the name of the app which delivered the ads.

A Push Notification Ad is an ad sent to the notification tray of Android devices, rather than inside of an app. This ad unit can monetize an app’s entire install base- both active and inactive. The developer can control how often ads are sent to your users from within his account.

 2. Icon Ads

Icon Ads are sponsored shortcuts that appear on the phone’s desktop and link to valuable user content such as mobile search and daily deals. Developers generate revenue for each Icon Ad which is distributed to a device.

This innovative ad unit is a shortcut placed on the home screen of Android devices which links to valuable content such as free apps and deals. This ad unit can also monetize an app’s entire install base- both active and inactive.

 3. SmartWall

SmartWall is a new interstitial mobile ad format which dynamically optimizes between multiple sub-formats such as Rich Media, AppWall, Video and Interstitials. With SmartWall, app developers no longer need to choose between the overwhelming numbers of full-page mobile ad formats available on the market. Via a single SDK, SmartWall determines the optimal full-page ad format to display in real-time based on yield, network connection type, and other parameters. SmartWall generates significantly higher CPMs than other leading full-page ad formats and represents a major leap forward for both developers.

Smart Wall, is a new full-page ad format, dynamically optimizes between multiple sub-formats including App Wall, Offer Wall, Dialog Ads, Video Ads, Rich Media, and More.

 4. Bugsense

Bugsense is Included in this SDK, It is an industry leading real-time crash analytics and bug tracking service. Airpush has forged an exclusive partnership with Bugsense which allows Airpush to offer the service free to the developers. You will be notified in the dashboard of your account any time errors occur in your app. You can view your real-time analytic under the ‘Crash Report’ tab under Reports.

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