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By: Sagar Sharma

Know about Apple Push Notification

Apple Push notification service is created by Apple Inc. in 2009. It uses the push technology through a constantly open IP connection to forward notification from the servers of the third party applications to the apple devices.

This service Pushes notifications to the apple devices not to the applications. These notifications may include badges, sounds and custom text alerts. When application is not open when notification is received, the app will be badge and added to dock (Until the badge is cleared) to notify users. Each notification restricted to maximum size 256 bytes.


  1. Apple Push notification payload is restricted to 256 bytes which include both the actual body message and the optional & additions messages attributes you want to send.

It is not designed for the large data transfer; it is used only to send small alerts messages.

  1. Push service doesn’t provide any feedback message for receiving the message that whether it was successfully delivered or not. This message is queued to the devices when application is not open, whenever the application gets open only the last send will be queued – overwriting any previously send messaged and any undelivered messages.
  2. It cannot be used to send critical messages because the service will be available only with internet connectivity.

Payload Content:

The payload is formatted in JSON. There is following payload content which will be sending via apple push notification services.

Alert:  the text strings which will be displayed on the device.

Badge: the integer number which will be displayed as a badge by the application Icon on the screen of the mobile device.

Sound: The text string of the name of sound to accompany the display of the message on the device.

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