Audi’s eKurzinfo-Audi A3’s AR Manual App

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Augmented Reality
By: Sandeep Agrawal

Audi’s eKurzinfo-Audi A3’s AR Manual App

Ok so let’s be honest, how many of you have actually read their owner’s manual which came along with the car thoroughly? Not many, if I am not wrong. And then we all regret it when we don’t know what action a specific button performs! As a result we end up pressing all the buttons and experimenting with the brand new car!

So what do you do when you land yourself in a situation like this? We can’t go searching and rambling through our glove compartment at that time. To get rid of that last moment panick, Audi came up with a genius and interesting AR app which is its recent car Audi A3’s manual.

The app is called eKurzinfo and is available on iTunes app store for iOS. It’s a very simple and easy app to use. If you don’t know what a specific button does, just open the app on your smartphone and point it at the button. It will tell you exactly how it works. Let’s say you don’t know how to refill the coolant or rather where you are supposed to fill the coolant, just point the phone after opening the bonnet of your car and the app will show you exactly where to fill your coolant.

They have included many features of the car which will be explained via this app so it’s a nice alternative for your owner’s manual but can’t replace it completely. The app is only available for iOS as of now but Audi might soon make it available for android market too.

The app is absolutely free in iTunes but does require an Audi A3 to work.
Undoubtedly the app is a good way of showing off the awesome features Audi A3 has and we can only hope that other car manufacturers make something like this for our cars as well.

What are your opinions regarding this? Do you think this can bring a new sensation in automobile industry? Don’t you think if we all had this app for our cars we would be saving so much of paper and nature? Drop in your comments below.

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