Gamers with Real Toys in Virtual Gaming World Using NFC RFID

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Mobile Gaming
By: Manish Shewaramani

Blow Gamers with Real Toys in Virtual Gaming World Using NFC RFID

Today, gaming is not the stereotype of Kids or teenager loner while it has become an integral part of family entertainment. Gaming market is estimated to reach 14.4 billion by 2017 globally. Ubiquitous users demand for vibrant game that gives an extra edge to the gaming business.

Extensive use of mobile has stimulated mobile gaming. Every year, this business is accelerating by 35 percent. While, packaged computer game and consoles woes are deepening, so in order to upturn, big techs are using NFC and RFID technology to bring new life to the game, encourage the curiosity and protect their revenue base.

How does it work?

RFID (Radio frequency identification) tags are a few decades old that have replaced bar codes and employ radio signals for tagging and tracking purposes. RFID had been used in outstanding array of applications across various verticals like logistics, transportation and many more.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is an emerging technology that provides short-range, high frequency wireless communication between NFC mobiles or NFC enabled objects or reception devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

However, NFC is newer, but a honed version of RFID which can be set up for one or two-way communication. The robust technology establishes secured connection that has been used worldwide across all industry to explore limitless opportunity.

Resurgence of toys

Uptill RFID/NFC technology has been used in console gaming by the top honchos like Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Nintendo. Instead, no such functionality is used that would connect NFC games with objects like toys or 3D figurines or cards.

Have you ever think of such connectivity?

Mobile gaming notched $12.3 billion annual sale in 2013.

NFC RFID brings this into a reality and it blows away your children as they can include any new physical toy or figurine in their already existing game app virtually at its own.

Isn’t it startling?

Let’s see how it comes into reality?

RFID tags would be embedded in any physical items like toys, game controllers and consoles at the time of manufacture. Each NFC tag is also encoded with a unique ID number that match the player for a particular game and gamer would identify the same figurine or toy in the gaming app.

Even, without buying toys or cards or labels embedded with RFID tags, prospects can add new feature by reading the tags of toys placed at the various public locations by the developers or providers of game.

By this way, a game development company can market its game more effectively using public appearance of their famous toys. It gives a whole new experience to all the children as well parents will love it too.

On other hand, an organization having a mascot can develop a mobile application for brand engagement using NFC RFID.


NFC is creating a huge buzz in every sector and in a matter of time would reshape the gaming industry. NFC mobiles are all-present, deploying NFC & RFID, new dimensions can be added in the gaming that yields immersive experience to the user. Let’s get the ball roll over and let the gamers experience virtual and physical world mash-up laced with humor and adventure.

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