Enterprise Apps
By: Manish Shewaramani

Enterprise Mobility: Past, Present and Future

Enterprise Mobility today, remains at the top of the list for many organizations. Chief Information Officers  now agree that Mobility has become a necessity rather than a choice. Let’s see how Enterprise Mobility has evolved to its current state and what lies ahead.

Did you know?

– 89% of all global IT organizations now support some form of BYOD.
– 43% of smartphone users and 41% of tablet users are not impressed with the corporate mobile apps they use.
– 60% of employees abandon corporate mobile app because of poor experience.

How enterprise mobility is helping organizations?

– Boost profits
– Improve brand loyalty
– Increased productivity
– Enhance communication with stack holders

The road ahead

– Enterprise mobility market will be valued $140 billion by 2020
– The existing spend by enterprises on mobility will grow to 10-12% of the total IT spend by 2020.
– Web-connected devices will cross 30 billion mark by 2020


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