AR Technology - Every Day Object Soon To Become Smart Objects
Augmented Reality
By: Sandeep Agrawal

Every Day Object Soon To Become Smart Objects

Today’s topic for the blog only says most of it. Yes, today let’s discuss the topic of all our objects getting smart. We want all our things to be smart. We have smart phones, smart watches and by 2014 as we all know we would even have smart cars with the new iOS 7.

However today I am talking about day-to-day small things. For example, here let’s say a door. Yes, you can have a smart door with a smart lock or you adjust the lights by keeping your device on the switch. Amused, aren’t you? Well this can really happen only through Augmented Reality Technology

Well this technology is a mixture of real and virtual world but according to me, this technology can make impossible things possible. Recently I read an article saying that soon all our physical objects would become smart but I shall say sometimes, the solution itself becomes the problem. If all physical objects become smart, they will individually need user interference and an app to operate them and this would become a big difficulty for us.

However, this problem won’t occur when our things turn smart as the MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group is working on a project towards a new type of system. Here is what they have to say.

“The Smarter Objects system explores a new method for interaction with everyday objects. The system associates a virtual object with every physical object to support an easy means of modifying the interface and the behavior of that physical object as well as its interactions with other “smarter objects”.

As a user points a smart phone or tablet at a physical object, an augmented reality (AR) application recognizes the object and offers an intuitive graphical interface to program the object’s behavior and interactions with other objects.

Once reprogrammed, the Smarter Object can then be operated with a simple tangible interface (such as knobs, buttons, etc). As such Smarter Objects combine the adaptability of digital objects with the simple tangible interface of a physical object.

We have implemented several Smarter Objects and usage scenarios demonstrating the potential of this approach.” – Fluid Interfaces Group

Well I am actually waiting for this, as this would be another miracle from the field of Augmented Reality Technology, as it would enable our everyday physical objects to become smarter and transform the way we use and interact with our things.

Amazing isn’t it?

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