Gain Competitive Edge By Creating Eye-Catching Mobile App Design For Your iOS App

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By: Sagar Sharma

Gain Competitive Edge By Creating Eye-Catching UI/UX For Your iOS App

Today, the iPhone app development market is growing like a wildfire. There are billions of apps listed in the largest app marketplace: The App Store. While searching for an app on the app store, we can find more than one app which can do the same tasks.

It is said that “Don’t Judge a book by its cover.” But, in the case of iOS Apps, the users will judge the app by its User Interface. Although we create an app which has better functionality and features than our competitors, users will choose the competitors app if its UI is fluid and UX is customer oriented.

If you have competitors who offer the same services and solutions as you do and you want to beat them then create excellent UI/UX that helps you gain competitive edge. Attract more customers by creating a mind-blowing User Interface and awesome UX.

Increase Customer Loyalty by Creating Game Changing UI/UX

Today, the customers are so accustomed using iOS apps that they have a list of expectation from every new iOS app that launches. Majority of those expectations are related to its usability or UI/UX. As mentioned earlier in this post that the only thing which defines our app compared to competitor’s app is UI and UX. Customer will only download the app which is more comfortable to use and offers seamless user journey. Let’s have a sneak-peak on how to create an app which can beat your competitors and provide customers the experience they want.

Maintain The Balance Between Content and User Interface

One of the primary reasons behind the failure of an iPhone app is because of the lack in maintaining Content and UI ratio. In iPhone app development, fonts and line-spacing are the two things which needs to be taken care of while delivering written content. To engage customers more with your app, the content should be readable. Line-spacing more than the absolute limit will annoy customers as they’ll have to flip pages more often. Less line-spacing will create chaos on the screen and make it difficult for customers to read. If the content-interface ratio is not appropriate, then it might lead customers to move towards the competitor’s app.

Build An App with Perfect Features

Every iPhone app has a settings menu from where customers can tweak with the user interface. The iPhone app developer can see how many times a customer has gone to settings to change some of the features of the app such as background color, mode, fonts, etc. If that number is high, then we have a firm reason to worry about customer retention. The chances of customer retention decrease if there are elements in the UI which customers does not like. The only way we can hold on to those customers is by changing the UI as the customer want.

Avoid Using A Lot of Gestures

Gestures are an essential part of every iPhone app. They are shortcuts which provides customers an immersive experience. It makes our app look different than others. To attract customers, it is advisable to use gestures in the iPhone app. But, using too many gestures might confuse the user and lead to dissatisfaction. Gestures are used only to optimize the performance of the app and bring out productivity in customers. Hence, it is better to use just those gestures which are helpful to customers while they are using the app and remove others which does not make any sense.

Do Not Keep The Quit Button On The App

A standard feature which we can see in every other iPhone app is that they never close. There is no quit button on the app which will take customers outside of the app such that when they come back to the app, it gets restarted. With no quit button, customers can get the advantage of saving their work. When they come back, the app will start from where they left. It will help to utilize consumers’ time on the app efficiently.

Avoid Customer Login On The First Impression

For an e-commerce retailer, it is essential to know their customers. The easiest way to do this is by getting all the necessary information of the customers via login forms. The tradeoff is that the customers don’t like to give their personal information to the retailer until they get to know their offerings. The best thing that we can do is to allow the customer to login to the final stage of their shopping which is when they buy a product. One more way to make customers login is via social media sites such as Facebook, Google plus, Linkedin, etc.

Never Forget The End Goal

Customer satisfaction is at the core of iPhone app development. A businessperson should never forget that the end goal to develop an app is to enhance customer experience. Hence, instead of choosing the best UI themselves, one should try to find what kind of UI customers actually like or want. If you don’t have any clue what the customers are looking for, then you can always take help of professional iPhone app development services.

Once you’ve created the user interface based on the research considering all the likes and dislikes of customers, you’re good to launch the app and crash the market. Your end goal should be to attract new customers and retrieve old customers creating appealing iPhone app design.

Maintain Consistency And Clarity

Customers like a consistent user interface throughout the app. Hence, you’ll have to ask the iPhone app developer to manage all the content on the app in a way which does not affect UI/UX. Customers also like a UI to be unambiguous. The UI should be clear in terms of images and content presentation so that customers can easily get how the app works.

Create a UI Which Talks to Customers

A Responsive UI is all a customer wants from an iPhone app. Following the seven suggestions mentioned above, you’ve already won 80% of the battle. A Responsive UI here means zero lag in loading the app, providing instant notification whenever necessary, etc. By creating a responsive UI, you’ll be all set to launch the app.

Enhance consumer engagement with your brand by creating a UI which seems different yet familiar to them concerning usage.


Want to keep your customers engaged with your brand all the time? iPhone app development is one of the best options for you to gather the attention of more customers at the same time. But, to create a long-lasting impression among customers you’ll have to create a UI which leave your customers in awe. An efficient UI/UX is the key to achieve full customer satisfaction. To achieve that level of satisfaction, it is advisable to take help of iPhone app development services. Hire iPhone app developer to expand your customer base and achieve success. Get in touch with our experts now to discuss your idea.

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