How Blend Of AR And Big Data Would Help In Energy Management?

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Augmented Reality
By: Manish Shewaramani

How Blend Of Augmented Reality And Big Data Would Help In Energy Management?

In the U.S.A, the industrial sector, which includes manufacturing, agriculture, construction and mining, accounts for nearly one third of all energy usage.

Every year, manufacturing industries spends $200 billion on energy facilities and waste nearly 30% of it.

Inefficiency in energy management is the key reason that’s keeping the industries away from power utilization for which they are paying.

Here, big data can turn the tide!

The potent tool collects useful and huge analytical data, which optimizes production quality, saves energy, and improves equipment service.

The real-time information about production equipment and system help in real-time decision making.

But, sharing the same data with management personnel when they stand before equipment is difficult.

Let’s understand through an example.

A food manufacturing plant is set up in a 600,000 square-foot area had thousands of machines that perform various functions. The performance data, power consumption, production and pretty more information about these machines is stored at the cloud.

Just by looking at the machines, engineering personnel will not receive data or can analyze the performance of equipment in real-time and thus, cannot make real-time decision on the round.

They have to browse stored information but did not get the information when he actually needs it.

Consequently, personnel can’t manage efficiently what they can’t measure

It requires equipment and process management to be smarter.

That’s where a blend of AUGMENTED REALITY and BIG DATA has answer to this problem.

Augmented reality overlays relevant information over real world object in real-time, when viewed with any digital device

The amazing combination of technology would help in data visualization on machinery itself.

According to Arnaud Legrand, President and CEO of Energiency, inseparable solution for industries would save up to 20% more energy in a plant. With the combination of these two technologies, maintenance, raw materials, and waste management would also get benefited.

Amalgamation of enterprise tech would aid in significant cost savings, spot anomalies and potential equipment failures in a single view.

At CFIA 2015 conference, a company exhibited a new application that’s dedicated for efficient energy management in a food processing industry.

Energiency Augmented solution based on augmented reality and big data. It tracks different machine and displays relevant data when viewed with tablets or Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses.

In the video of app, three different machines having distinct functions that are used in dairy factory bottle production facilities are shown. When digital device points towards machine, the energy consumption information is pushed from the machine to Energiency’s cloud system.

Energiency Augmented app fetches the relevant data from the cloud and then demonstrates the same on screen. Initially, power consumption by the machine is shown, but as some error in its performance is detected, immediately on-screen diagnosis instructions appear.

Engineered solutions’ hands-free way to get data about surrounding machinery reduces the complexity, save energy and speed up the processes.

Innovative way to measure the things at right time leads to competitive advantage.



At EnergySMART 2015 conference, one thing resonated throughout the session that huge bucks are spent on wasted energy by those who are not aware of smarter energy management.

Savvy enterprises understand the importance of energy management.

Melding augmented reality and big data to serve the aforementioned purpose would be game-changer for manufacturing industries.

Data-driven approach in real-time would benefit more industries, as augmented reality has already hit numerous segments.

At Credencys, we thrive for developing excellent augmented reality and big data applications. And, now, team is all set to build and showcase the potential of this fantastic combination for your industry.

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