How to Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences for Light Manufacturing Business using PIM?
By: Sagar Sharma

How to Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences for Light Manufacturing Business using PIM?

Product information management is the most advanced platform to manage the complete product life cycle. In the light manufacturing industry, it helps the organization to manage the data of production, sales, distribution, etc, with centralized access to its teams.

Light Manufacturing Business – All you Need To Know

Light Manufacturing Business is proven to be efficient in drawing profits to your organization. The right equipment, skilled workforce, and advanced technologies can make you successful in a very short period. As the demand for lighting and Its designs is not limited to time, this business is sure to make you a successful entrepreneur.

Light Manufacturing Business needs painstaking research and diligent implementation of the plans which are made. While you invest your capital in the most success-driven platform, you need to ensure that the resources to start your dream business are well distributed to handle every aspect of your business.

Here, we provide you the basic aspects that require focus.

Obtain market awareness

Have a dedicated team of researchers who can study the market and come up with an idea as to what should be the strategy to kick off your business. Examining various products and their manufacturers will create awareness of the market.

Plan different stages of your establishment

The light manufacturing industry requires knowledge of all kinds of power systems and equipment grids that vary in capacity, which is based on several features of the lights you manufacture.

Business registration

To continue the smooth operations of your business, it is important to ensure the company is registered within the stipulated guidelines of government regulations.

Energy certification

Since light manufacturing requires the consumption of power and utilization of the product also requires power consumption, certain certifications are mandatory before you launch your end product in the market.


Manufacturing and trading the lighting products and designs require certain licenses. Make sure you get all of them done diligently so that trading your product is carried out with ease and convenience.

Procuring the raw material and machinery

The manufacturing unit requires raw materials of good quality, to give out the best possible end product. You can lend a helping hand to the government organizations in granting the required machinery and raw materials at subsidized rates.

What is Ecommerce Personalized Shopping?

Personalized shopping in the e-commerce industry is a precious experience that customers can get. Customers love to get recommendations for their purchases. They choose from the suggestions that an e-commerce website can offer. This reduces their time in exploring.

A personalized shopping experience enhances the overall shopping experience of the customers and makes them shop more from your e-commerce product range.

Personalized experience can be expected in multiple ways, some include:

  • Quick suggestions based on their search
  • Attractive product descriptions
  • Dynamic product choices
  • Display of the best offers and discounts
  • Subscription suggestions
  • Detailed guarantee and warranty descriptions
  • Choices of delivery methods
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Secure payment methods
  • Multiple payment options

Benefits of Personalized Customer Experience

Personalized experience in the e-commerce industry can be achieved by displaying content that addresses the customers directly, providing varied recommendations, recording the customer’s previous purchases to suggest current purchases and display offers, etc. Those who experience this personalized experience will turn out to be the happiest and potential customers.

As the customers are getting more advanced with digital shopping, e-commerce industries need to improve their operational strategies. Brands that provide customized products and experience are sure to stand apart and make their business successful.

Let’s go through the benefits that personalized customer orientation can fetch you.

Makes you unique

Implementation of customization makes you unique among your competitors. Present your lighting products in a brand new dynamic manner that can attract your customers. Make sure to use the technology and innovatively display your products. The attractive presentation of your products makes customers feel special.

Save time and money

As your product directly creates a great experience for your customers, you can reduce the cost involved in advertising and operational costs.

Utilize customer information

Extending a personalized shopping experience helps you with loads of customer information. Utilize this information wisely to improve customer experience. Steadily observe the customers buying patterns and need to provide clear suggestions to them.

Fetch Loyalty

Trust is paramount when you start running your business. Keep the customers’ information confidential and let them trust you. This drives their loyalty and keeps them inclined to your products.

Understand the needs of customers

Design your lighting products in such a way that they meet the needs of your customers. As you analyze the customer information and purchasing patterns, you will know what they expect from your company. Manufacture and supply your products accordingly, to satisfy them.

Have diversified products

As the need and interest vary among every customer, it’s always good to be prepped with a wide range of products. Make sure your light manufacturing business is capable of producing dynamic products to meet changing needs of customers.

Attract customers with pleasing discounts

Analyze the statistics of your business and provide discounts that cannot be refused by your customers. While doing this, you should also ensure that the discounts are appropriate to maintain your profit ratio.

There are promising benefits if your business can provide a personalized shopping experience like below:

Ensured customer satisfaction

When the customers are provided with A personalized shopping experience, they feel satisfied and enjoy shopping.

Drives more customers based on the experience they receive

A happy customer can pool many customers. Eventually, your company becomes effortlessly famous.

Enhanced exploration

Presenting the dynamic product suggestions can give a chance to explore all that you have got and choose what the customers want.

Increased sales

Quick and easy shopping experience: providing a personalized shopping experience to customers is a sure shot method to ensure increased sales

Guaranteed profits

As the customers are happy with their shopping experience, they drive more traffic to your company and guarantee profits thereafter.

Why Should Light Manufacturers Use PIM?

Product information management is the most advanced and effective technology to run businesses with ease. Earlier, industries used to manage data of every department individually, using Excel sheets, storage devices, etc. The world has transformed now.

Centralized management of the industry is highly essential to cope up with the competition. In the light manufacturing business as well, product information management is the best source to keep a track of your organization’s performance at every single stage.

The need for PIM in the light manufacturing business is as follows:

1. Grand launch for your business

Importing PIM technology in manufacturing operations can launch your business in the market. PIM is the most agile and trusted technology that enables global brands in creating an exceptional experience for their customers, and thus driving profits.

2. Effectively manage the procurement data

As the light manufacturing business needs procurement of several raw materials and equipment, maintaining those records can be a tough task. Give your business that ease of operations by installing PIM. Benefits of PIM in procuring include:

  • Error-free analysis of product quality
  • Accurate data records to monitor the usage of procured raw material and ensure quality
  • Reduce manual workforce and utilize them for achieving more product output
  • Maintain consistency of the product quality

Uninterrupted Product cycle: Implementing the PIM software in your light manufacturing business can promise a product life cycle that is never interrupted throughout the process.

Application of PIM in product enrichment cycle includes:

  • Automated processes of manufacturing
  • Increase the speed and quantity based on the requirements
  • Make products within the planned time and of the best quality
  • Complete the product cycle with diligence

3. Design product portfolio and description

With the best in class technology, design the portfolio of your product and write creative descriptions for your lights and lead the market with innovation.

Discover the potential markets: With the PIM in place, study the market, for demand on lights and plan distribution accordingly. PIM helps you with the required data and its interpretation. Analyses the market strategies which helps you to plan the distribution based on the demand and need for your lights.

Provides accurate statistics of the distribution outcomes, that enable you to plan the next production. Depending on the demographics, the need for a product varies. PIM helps you study those features and suggest the distribution of your dynamic products appropriately.

4. Advertise with innovative ideas

Advertising is the most effective way to let your product reach customers directly. With the interpretations provided by PIM, create fresh ideas that depict the unique features of your lights and draw demand for your lights.

5. Study your performance

As a newly launched business, you might be skeptical about making enough profits. But the efficient establishment of your business can fetch you surprising profits using PIM.

6. Analyze the market response for your lights

With the help of statistics provided by PIM, you will get to interpret the demands of customers, based on their needs and purchasing interests. PIM lets you connect instantly with all the areas of manufacturing, enabling you to deliver your dreams with ease and convenience.

Personalized Shopping Experiences Begins with PIM

Personalization is the advanced way to integrate the physical needs of the customers with the digital presence of any enterprise.

In the modern world, customers have become highly savvy as they can get their products at their doorsteps with a click. Although it is completely contrasting to physically choosing their product from the store, customers still enjoy the benefit of shopping from home.

Hence, it is a need for industries to provide a personalized shopping experience to their customers with guaranteed trust and safety. In this competitive e-commerce world, PIM acts as a boon to help you withstand the pressure. Personalized shopping effectively starts with PIM installed in your business.

Choosing PIM in the light manufacturing industry is required for several reasons, starting from choosing the machinery to delivering the product to your customers.

  • Enter the e-commerce industry: PIM helps you with all the steps to enter the e-commerce industry.
  • Planning your products: Light manufacturing turns out to be profitable when you plan for your end product with throughput technology and focus. PIM assists in suggesting dynamic products to suit various customers’ needs, based on their demographic and economic needs.
  • Appropriate utilization of the customer information: PIM stores the customer information with an encrypted interface to read and understand their needs and display suggestions accordingly.
  • Customers love to read creative content to make themselves aware of the wide range of products. PIM enables you to create content that is effective and attractive to influence the customers.
  • PIM helps in ensuring the consistency of quality and hence maintains your brand identity. With controlled access within your organization, you can decide who can access your machinery and other restricted types of equipment, to ensure consistent quality of the product output.
  • PIM enables you to understand the market trends by integrating the data from several sales reports and your performance. This helps your sales team to understand the customer behavior and their demands.
  • Multi-channel distribution has become easier with the Implementation of PIM in the light manufacturing industry. Distribution is highly influenced by the customer’s purchase patterns.
  • Better advertising is achieved by the PIM implementation in your industry. Interpretation from PIM helps your team to design creative ad content which eventually optimizes your exposure.
  • PIM helps you enhance the personalized shopping experience of your customers by providing them quick and effective suggestions and also by displaying the best features of your products.


With the throughput knowledge on the benefits and applications of the Product information, it is easy to understand the importance of PIM in the light manufacturing industry.

PIM eases the flow of your business from start to end. It ensures the consistent quality of products by steadily monitoring the product life cycle. It helps to kick start your business with maximized exposure in the market. It helps you to discover potential markets for your products and ensures profits.

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