iBeacon & iOS8 - The Changing Face of Retail

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By: Vishal Kulshrestha

iBeacon & iOS8 - The Changing Face of Retail

iBeacons are revolutionizing the retail space like never before. By delivering a more personalized shopping experience to customers, Beacon Technology, is redefining how we buy products.

Big Brands are already joining the Beacon bandwagon to woo their customers. It’s time for your brand to embrace the big change!

Did you know?

– iBeacon Hardware Market will grow to 60 million units by 2019
– ABI Research predicts that beacons will be installed in 30,000 indoor locations by end of this year
254 Apple Retail Stores already have Beacons installed to help with store events
200 Million iBeacons already existing in the form of iPhones in our pockets

What you ought to know

77% Consumers are willing to share location information provided they get value in return
80% Smartphone owners want mobile-optimized product information while they are shopping in store
41% Consumers feel the mobile shopping alerts they receive are not relevant to interest or location

How iBeacon notifications are helping brands

20 times increased user interaction with in-app advertised products
16.5 times greater app usage for users who received notifications v/s who did not
6.4 times more likely users will keep an app on their phone

Infograph - iBeacons and iOS8

PIM Cost Calculator

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