How Mobile App Development Solutions Can Solve These 4 Problems of Travel Industry

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By: Sagar Sharma

How Mobile App Development Solutions Can Solve These 4 Problems of Travel Industry

Do you know there are approximately 15% of people are using apps for tourism? As of September 2019, Travel and Tourism industry apps rank 5th among the most downloaded app category with 95.7% worldwide.

Mobile apps are part of the travel and tourism industry and 2020 will be a big year for the travel mobile app development. As the usage and penetration of mobile are at an all-time high, this encourages travel industry owners and mobile app development companies to build apps with the latest trends or technologies. Some important features like travel planning, accommodation booking, cab, and ticket booking, locating viewing and so on are developed by mobile app development companies to deliver multi-benefits for users and travel companies.

Many travel apps like Airbnb, Skyscanner, MyTSA have set their benchmarks in the travel and tourism industry. Recently, the travel app, Klook has raised $225 million from Softbank Vision Fund to deepen its investments in Japan for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Let’s dive into some important features provided by the travel apps that encourage investors to invest. And, also check out important solutions offered by these apps for your business.

Top Mobile App Development Solutions for Travel Industry

1. Maintaining own standards

In this competitive era, where other companies are ready to hire your employees, it is mandatory to maintain the apparent standards of your travel business to cling the regular customers. You must not leave the travelers who are pleased with your services. Because sometimes it becomes difficult to provide all the services under one roof especially when it comes to booking service. Ensure to develop a mobile travel app that provides quick cab booking with just a few clicks.


Be relaxed and sit back, just keep a few points in mind for getting exclusive customer experience.

  • Maintain schedules with all the agencies.
  • Create a checklist for all the services you are providing.
  • For the cab service, ensure that you hire experienced drivers and train them as per the customer’s requirement.

2. Make Booking procedure convenient

The mobile era is very convenient but competitive. People use smartphones for almost everything. You must be thinking that booking the services with your company is easy but the client may not feel the same. The old booking process would not work now with the client and thus, you need to develop the latest dashboards for the booking process.


You can tie up with those travel agencies who allow the online booking process. There is also an option of having your travel agency invoice software as per your need that can be unified with your travel portal.

There are many travel invoice software apps available that provide professional invoices and keep track of payments. These apps also help to calculate the outstanding amount, taxes and so on, which is ideal for any travel business.
Give the clients multiple options to choose one as per their convenience.

3. Gaining client’s queries

Getting knowledge regarding the client’s requirements is a must in every business. The more you know your customers; the more you will fulfill their requirements with ease.


Ask for advice, feedback or suggestions from your client using social media. By doing this, it becomes very easy to know their interests and accordingly, you can add related features in your travel application.

List the questions asked by the client and it will notify you regarding their demand and concerns.

4. Transactions streamlining

CA charges the agents by monitoring the gas distribution per vendor. Also, travel firms use various mobile applications to streamline transactions and provide customers with a straightforward experience. It is necessary to make clients feel comfortable by providing them their itineraries, accommodation information, boarding passes will be provided electronically for easy access.


Using the online transaction system, the need of the company will be minimized in the form of hard copy documents and will also reduce the resources which will be needed to complete transactions.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your travel application, you can contact Credencys Solution. We are developing cab booking solutions that increases your business’s customer base and give you higher revenue. Our expertise in travel application development is:

Passenger Application: These apps come with features like cab searching, fare calculation and quick cab booking through mobile.

Customizable ERP System: Developing a customized ERP solution that manages and records the booking, billings, accounts, and so on.

Driver Application: These apps are developed for drivers to maintain booking and payment history, getting route directions and maintain journey records.

Reporting System: It provides better insights with a consolidated view of booking status, sales, PoS, & dispatch-performance along with custom reporting and filters.

3rd Party Integration: Integrating 3rd party solutions for communication, voice assistance, payments, IoT and Analytics.

Resource Allocation: These help to monitor resources in real-time, booking assignments unproductive costs, optimize cabs & drivers allocation, and minimize booking response time.

At Credencys, we have developed Cab Bureau Application Suite, which is a cross channel SaaS-based application package that includes an ERP system, a driver app to receive booking information and a passenger app for online bookings.

Being standalone applications, it can be used in different combinations, regardless of business models, sizes or specific requirements. Our developed suite provides real-time tracking of vehicles and driver’s behavior. It also offers personalized themes for every cab company, which is best for branding requirements.

Developing For the Future (Conclusion)

All thanks to the developing travel app development solutions to make the travel industry a million-dollar industry. It offers faster and reliable services to the end-user and we are the one who provide travel app development services for Android and iOS platforms that benefits travel business owners and their users.

Planning to develop a travel application with multiple functionalities? We can help with ideation, design, and development. Contact Us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does mobile app development benefit the travel industry?

Mobile app development plays an important role for travel and tourism industry. Travel apps helps traveller in many ways, from helping cashless travel to 24*7 customer support, instant hotel booking and more.

Who will have ownership of code my travel application?

The ownership of code belongs to you (our clients) only.

Can you integrate various gateways in my travel application?

We have expert mobile app developers, who have expertise in integrating various gateway payments like Net banking, eWallets, Debit & Credit Cards and so on.

How do i get travel app like Airbnb?

If you are looking for travel like Airbnb that means you are well-aware of latest trends. We, at Credencys Solutions, have a team of mobile app developers, who suggest you the most exceptional features to integrate in your travel app development. Contact our experts now to discuss your requirements.

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