How Pimcore’s Master Data Management (MDM) Enhances Enterprise Data Governance, Security Standards, & Quality?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How Pimcore’s Master Data Management (MDM) Enhances Enterprise Data Governance, Security Standards, & Quality?

Smart business people prefer to use modern technology for improving the success rate of their business regularly. They like to use advanced resources to ensure the accuracy, consistency, stewardship, and liability of the official mutual master data assets of their business.

Users of the best business development resources are confident to recommend Pimcore’s Master Data Management (MDM) for like-minded business people. They get 100% satisfaction from efficient use of the business and information technology-related resources together. You can focus on the basics and important aspects of master data management from a reputable company. You will make an informed decision about your business development.

What is Master Data Management (MDM)?

Master Data Management is the core process designed to manage, organize, centralize, localize, categorize, enrich, and synchronize master data as per requirements. It enables companies to make uniform sets of data on customers on time. It involves the process of the creation of a single master record for the complete critical business data across external and internal data sources.

The four main master data domains are the customers, products, locations, and others. These domains are further divided based on various things.

Master data is lists of data of the software systems shared and used by so many applications that make up the system.

The best examples for the master data items are the customer and product. Master data is the core data within the businesses and used to describe objects around which the business operations take place. It can include reference data essential to operate the business and it makes your work simple. It describes transactions and changes infrequently.

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Basic Features of Pimcore’s Master Data Management

Pimcore MDM solutions are very popular worldwide. You may be a beginner to the MDM from Pimcore and like to know about the basic features. Pimcore’s Master Data Management has data modeling, data management, data quality management, workflow management, digital asset management, omnichannel publishing, and apps and data integration features.

1. Data Modelling

Pimcore makes certain product data modeling stays flexible as it lets the Pimcore and MDM develop along with your business.

2. Data Management

Data management is efficient because of the web-based user interface and drag-and-drop operations based on the context-sensitive nature.

3. Data Quality Management

Trusted and high-quality data delivered by Pimcore with enterprise-class data quality.

4. Workflow Management

Pimcore enhances accuracy and productivity by establishing defined business processes and editorial workflows.

5. Digital Asset Management

The features of Pimcore’s Master Data Management perfectly designed to manage, integrate, and inter-related the images along with documents, graphical data, Audio-visual contents

6. Omnichannel Publishing

Rich omnichannel publishing functions of Pimcore supply the right product information to the output channels without human intervention.

7. Apps and Data Integration Features

Pimcore allows users to take charge of the overall data integration via the easy data import and export between external and Pimcore systems on time.

8. Enterprise Features of Pimcore’s Master Data Management

It is the right time to research the enterprise features of the Pimcore’s Master Data Management. Some of the popular enterprise features of the platform are as follows.

9. Product Experience Portal

Users can make a central marketing content hub with a completely configurable portal for searching and sharing product information across various departments.

10. Product Data Syndication

You can attract customers across markets and touchpoints with the automated syndication to over 2000 sales channels as well as marketing platforms.

11. Marketplace Integration

You can expand the digital footprint through the integration of your business with marketplaces worldwide and track every order on the centralized dashboard.

12. Product Feed Management

MDM provides shoppers with the best product experience through the process of crafting first-class feeds optimized for every channel and customized to the audience’s preferences.

13. Enterprise Translation Management

Master Data Management platform lets users automate the translation process of the product information to eliminate the repetitive and also laborious manual work.

14. Microsoft / Adobe Integration

You can use Pimcore’s MDM to access and retrieve any product information and assets within the Microsoft and Adobe apps.

15. Enterprise Print Publishing

Pimcore fully automates the print processes and keeps the overall marketing and sales material up-to-date with the integrated publishing components of the Pimcore.

Benefits of Implementing Pimcore’s Master Data Management

There are so many benefits of implementing the master data management platform. However, the main benefits are as follows.

1. Improve time-to-market

You can use the Pimcore MDM to solve your MDM challenges in record time regardless of the variety and volume of the critical business data. The main attractions of Pimcore’s MDM are the user-friendly graphical user interface-based data modeling engine, and the appropriate business rules and workflows you can configure instead of coding.

Master Data Management (MDM) from Pimcore delivers on the overall operational efficiency and gives the appropriate time-to-market through the process of meeting governance, compliance requirements, and risk management-related issues.

2. Accelerate digital transformation

The MDM eliminates the silos across the businesses. Its end-to-end and open architecture makes it easy for businesses to increase their deployments and achieve their digital transformation goals on time. The successful open-source platform combines data management and customer experience management in a consolidated platform for improving the business outcome.

3. Reduce cost

Businesses nowadays are agile and require very good scalability, flexibility, and security to react to the changing business environments as effectively as possible. MDM reduces the development costs and provides the overall freedom for integrating with future systems without complexity.

The multi-domain nature of the MDM from Pimcore lets users expand to new data domains when their requirements grow without incurring a huge cost.

Why Rely on Pimcore’s Master Data Management Platform?

All beginners to the master data management platform collection get confused with different options. They like to know why many people worldwide in our time rely on the Pimcore master data management platform and how to reap benefits from such a platform.

Important reasons to rely on the MDM platform of Pimcore are as follows.

  • Deployment on on-premise and cloud infrastructure
  • Facilities to enrich any master data record across any data domain
  • Free community edition with unlimited users, channels, and data
  • Manage millions of records with thousands of attributes without difficulty
  • The complete flexible data models for handling the complex data

Improving Enterprise Data Governance, Quality, and Security through Pimcore’s Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data Management from Pimcore is a popular open-source MDM platform in our time. It is designed to enable its users to manage different aspects of the master records.

Metadata is vital to define entities like sites, suppliers, customers, employees, vendors, and hierarchies in the enterprise accurately.

The overall stewardship and management of the master data are critical for establishing and enforcing guidelines for the data collection, integration, and also processes.

Companies cannot navigate forward in our digital-driven world without master data. There is no analytics for amplifying growth, no digital transformation, no customized customer experience, and a low chance to perform even basic things.

Master Data must be of high-quality, accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to get the maximum value from such data. The overall data quality, data governance, and security standards must not be neglected to make certain the master data remains readily available at all times.

1. Pimcore’s Master Data Management

Pimcore Master Data Management is a leading and successful open source MDM and helpful to manage any aspect of the master data. It helps users to manage data like customer data, asset data, product data, employee data, and location data. It is a multi-vector and multi-domain system.

It can be deployed on cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Exclusive features of MDM assist various aspects of data stewardship.

2. Data quality and data governance

The main parts of enterprise data management are data quality and data governance. MDM plays a leading role to support compliance and define the data policies in the overall information architecture.

MDM from the Pimcore provides a conduit for the successful implementation of the data quality dimensions related to the critical master data elements, define the data rules affecting the compliance, define the quantitative measurements for the overall conformance to every information policy, and methods to integrate all such things into the data governance framework.

3. Central governance for consistency and integrity

Pimcore’s Master Data Management facilitates the centralized management, compliance, governance, and transparency of the master data across the data value chain. It defines, reuses, and authorizes the key master data entities for better operational efficiency and consistency. It eliminates the error-prone and boring manual processes for master data in several systems and applications.

4. Clean, high-quality, and trusted master data

MDM from Pimcore ensures so many benefits associated with the high-quality master data. It analyzes process quality and tracks data quality and completeness.

  • MDM supplies high-quality data automatically and the appropriate master data to output channels.
  • Every user of MDM gets different benefits and makes a well-informed decision to use it as efficiently as possible.
  • It gives a central view for data validation and data quality check. If you are very conscious about the quality of data, then you have to prefer and use MDM based on your requirements.
  • It offers rich auditing and versioning features for tracking the data modifications in one place.
  • It gets pre-configured data types for URLs, colors, countries, geo-data, and numbers.

5. Integration and reuse

Pimcore’s Master Data Management takes charge of the overall data integration via easy import and export of data between external and Pimcore systems. It reuses the Pimcore data mock-up, configuration, and previous business logic for the data validation. It provides an advanced REST Webservice API for better performance.

6. Security standards

Master data in Pimcore’s Master Data Management (MDM) is used and managed across so many distributed systems. It demands maximum security for the data’s credibility and blocks illegal access to critical data. It implements a multi-layer security system to keep the overall solutions based on the Pimcore safe.

It provides modern user and rights management as well as authentication techniques. It ensures multi-factor authentication as well as industry-standard SSO protocols.

Also, it restricts access from unauthorized users to the system and implements data storage security with strict file accessibility. You can explore the security aspects of MDM and make certain how to get different benefits from the proper use of the MDM hereafter. You will get 100% satisfaction from the master data management.

If your business is evaluating the master data management system, then you have to be conscious about how to approach the entire data governance, security standards, and data quality by properly leveraging the adaptive framework which lets the application of different governance styles comply with the context of various business scenarios.

Smart and experienced business people compare the important aspects of the master data management solutions by first their relevance and association to business outcomes as well as their ability to assist information stewards’ work on complete policy enforcement. They match the internal requirements of the data quality, governance, and security capabilities for the master data management-related projects to application solutions of the vendor-specific to the market.

New and regular users of the MDM from Pimcore get 100% satisfaction. They get the desired business-oriented growth and use every chance to strengthen the ability for managing the enterprise data activities with confidence. They make certain how Pimcore’s MDM fits in their business ecosystem. They achieve their business development goals one after another.


Master data is used by so many applications. An error in the master data in one place can cause so many errors in all the applications using such data. A good master data management platform is very important to be smart and successful in your way to managing master data. Pimcore’s Master Data Management (MDM) is designed to enhance enterprise data governance, security standards, and quality as per requirements.

Every user of MDM gets 100% satisfaction and fulfills their expectations about the business development within a short period. They recommend Pimcore’s modern yet user-friendly master data management platform for like-minded business people in their network.

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