Ultimate Guide to Prototyping: Wireframing and UI/UX Design Is The Cornerstone of Successful Web Application

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By: Sagar Sharma

Ultimate Guide to Prototyping: Wireframing and UI/UX Design Is The Cornerstone of Successful Web Application

Before buying a mobile, you check out a sample of the device, explore the look and feel of it, ask for color options, take a demo of the product, learn about high-level features, and more. Of course, it is imperative to have an overview of ultimate tangible output. While investing in something, you always prefer to have some sort of proof that works as a source of reliability.

Appreciating your efforts of choosing a better smartphone that addresses your needs. But, are you equally concerned about your website and web applications? Have you ever asked your website development company to provide a mockup that contains would-be features and functions? If your answer is “NO”, then you might face complications in attaining the ultimate business objectives.

A website is the first point of interaction for any organization so it must be impressive. Make a smart selection while choosing a web application development company. Tie up with a reliable IT partner that holds a legendary presence for offering best in class website development services.

Credencys – A Prime Web Solution Provider in India

Early adopter of emerging technologies accomplishes all commitments and maintains transparency throughout the project lifecycle. Credencys is a renowned website development company that has streamlined processes in place for website design, development, and deployment.

Owning enduring industry experience and wider exposure, the company has worked with startups, SMEs, and corporate. Embracing latest and emerging technologies, Credencys effectively addresses custom needs of the clients.

Web Application Development Services at Credencys:

  • New Web Application Development
  • Web Application Re-engineering
  • Web Application Re-designing
  • Migrating legacy infrastructure of web application to the cloud
  • Support and Maintenance

Creating A Successful Web Application Involves

Creating A Prototype

Prototyping is the crux of website development process. It gives an overview of the would-be website and defines the user’s journey. A fully functional wireframe offers a click-through high-fidelity demo version of the website. Also, it could be a quick sketch or a detailed and well-framed vector file that depicts an exact flow of the website’s functionality.


Coding and deployment of the website or web application take place in this phase. An implication of the pre-decided features and functionality comes under development. Using Agile methodology and SCRUM practices, you can improve time-to-market of the website and launch MVP with must-have functionalities within a very short time span.


Most of the website development companies believe once the website goes live their job has been done. That’s not the case with Credencys. The company offers performance analysis and end-to-end tech support by following solution centric approach. During this phase, clients can ask for technical enhancement in order to keep the website updated as per the latest technology standards.


Benefits of Prototyping

All stakeholders see the same vision with Business objectives at center

When there is more than one stakeholder, they must have different views and opinions. If you create a website by considering all the suggestions provided by them, then it will be a mess. Better to put all of them into a wireframe and share it with the clients. It will be easy for them to make strategic decisions like which features and functions help them in achieving the business objectives and which could they avoid. It synchronizes and channelizes the application development efforts as well.

Set Right Expectations between Business and IT Teams

During the prototyping, web application development company finalizes the project scopes. Well, the process takes time. Project scopes keep changing as per varying demands of the clients. When stakeholders agree on common points, IT professionals move ahead to transform a scope document into a fully functional wireframe.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Collaborative prototype makes website development more powerful. It reduces the misunderstandings, rework of the team, delivery time, and cost. Wireframe allows developers and designers to work simultaneously. The teams need to focus on pre-decided development scopes so there are no changes in design and coding. Prototype fills the gap between expectations and deliverables by optimizing collaboration amongst developers and designers.

Increased Velocity in Development and Delivery

After the requirement finalization, start focusing on executing the features and functionality. It accelerates the web application development and design processes and helps in delivering the product on time.

Clarity of timelines and budget planning

Based on the predefined singularity, a web application development company can offer an accurate estimation of efforts, time, and cost. They count the approx. hours to develop each and every feature and function. Once the time duration is in place, it is easy to calculate the approx. cost of project development. So, stakeholders can plan their budget according to the approx. timeline.


Why Is Prototyping An Inseparable Part of Development Process?

Determining the Product Functionality

A prototype is all about creating a structure of the would-be web applications. It can be clickable or static. Wireframe enables businesses with a high-level overview of deliverables. At the initial level, stakeholders do not have clarity about the required features and functions. They just provide a rough idea of their expected ultimate output.

Collect requirements, analyze them, develop the wireframe, insert all the functions into it, and share a prototype with the client. It might not be the exact one that business owners expect. Prototypes help them in identifying and removing unwanted features as well as adding or replacing the important functionality. Moreover, businesses can have an overview how the website will look like.

Drive Desired Output

The functional prototype contains all the essential functionalities and enables stakeholders with a basic structure of the would-be website. Stakeholders and website development company can analyze are they on a right track or missing any essential elements. They can visualize the future website. Also, they can estimate the time, efforts, and money to build a web application. Making required changes in features and functionality list, companies can achieve the ultimate goal and drive the expected output.

Iterate More Quickly

Wireframe designing is the beginning stage of website development. It would be great if the client has clarity about what is the ultimate purpose of developing a website or web application and which features and functions they want to integrate. Prototypes help them in understanding core requirements and incorporating new functions or replace the features at any point in time. Thus, iterations are quite easy to implement during the wireframing.

Reduced Overhead Cost

Ignorance of wireframe as an integral part of the website development lifecycle causes financial loss. Let’s say, when stakeholders approach a web application development company, they share their vision. They are unaware of the practical feasibility of their expectations. Clients are not clear what features and functionality they want to integrate into the website.

In such cases, if developers directly hand over the final product and later on the client realize it is not the piece they were looking for. Imagine the loss of time, efforts, and money. Prototyping helps in streamlining the web application development that saves a lot of time and money of the engineers and stakeholders respectively.

A Reference Tool for Developers

The prototype allows developers to illustrate the functionality that is not possible with the screen specifications. Let’s say if developers want to look into how a functionality will work, they can use a wireframe to get the basic idea about how a specific control or widget will help in attaining an ultimate goal.

Improved User Involvement

Developers interact with the stakeholders throughout the prototyping phase. They collect client’s feedback and improve the wireframe accordingly.

For an example; if a company wants to develop a web application to streamline its business operations. The app is going to be operated by different people of all the departments to perform versatile jobs. In such cases, the involvement of all the website users helps in driving a better understanding of the project. It aids coders to steer development and provide expected deliverables.

Interaction with users also assists companies to avoid any misunderstanding and confirm the project requirements or scopes. Moreover, developers move ahead for coding with precise requisites.

Gathering valuable user feedback on design concept

Create a basic version of the website using prototype. Cover all the essential and anticipated functionality into it. Share it with the clients and allow users to test it. Collect feedback from both the parties, judge them from a technical point of view and implement them into a wireframe. Develop a robust and attractive website by executing the required modifications.

Collect More Precise Requirements

Prototype covers all the major features and functions. The user’s journey also gets decided in this phase. After reviewing the prototype, clients can share their feedback regarding the required modifications as they get more clear idea about what they want and what they don’t.

Analyzing the wireframe of the would-be website, stakeholders give their suggestions and feedback. All the changes get implemented during the prototype phase only. So, the development takes place smoothly and effectively.


Credencys understands the importance of prototyping and invests considerable time in designing end-to-end wireframes. Thus, the development process takes place smoothly and improves the website’s time-to-market. Well, it’s not over yet. There is much more to come in “A Client’s Guide to Website Prototyping: Wireframe Is A Stepping Stone of The Journey (Part 2)”. Stay tuned to explore about Credencys’s prototype activities, deliverables, process, application development lifecycle, and more.

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