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By: Sandeep Agrawal

Taxi Apps – A Boon to Humans

Did you know that 50% of cab drivers time is spend in looking for a fare? Well I also wasn’t aware about this unlike you all. It was only when I was searching something on Google, I came across this and along with this; I found some amazing taxi apps. So I can easily say gone are the days waiting for bus or searching for a cab specially when you are tired and its pouring. Treat yourself to ultimate luxury through these apps. Now there won’t be any need of waving your hand to find a cab. All you have to do is just use these amazing apps and you get a taxi at your doorstep or either way.

Well I did a little research and found these apps really beneficial so let’s have a look at few of them. We shall begin with the Get Taxi App. The free mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone, for Android it can be downloaded from the Google Play & one can download this app from Blackberry app world for your blackberry devices. Also, the Get Taxi App will soon be launched for Windows Phone.

One click and this app would send a black cab instantly. No need to wait as you can monitor your booked cab. In other words, you can always track the cab that is approaching to you on map in real time. Amazing, isn’t it? Another amazing thing that I like about this app is that it allows you to pay directly from the app. So even when you don’t have your wallet there is no need to worry about the payment as you can pay directly through the app and get the details and receipts in your email.

Well Get Taxi is an amazing app and now let’s move further to the next app and that is ‘taxicode’ app. You can book your next taxi through taxicode, as it not only offers the best airport pickup & transfer services but the services offered by taxicode are prompt & reliable. While booking through taxicode you can pay either by cash or by your credit/debit card.

The thing that amuses me about taxicode is the drivers are very friendly & polite and there is no charge for waiting time. Also along with this, the price remains fixed in actual sense as there are no hidden fees or any other hidden charges.

Coming to the next app and it is the taxibeat app, booking a cab through will change your taxi experience forever. What makes taxibeat different from others is the liberty that they give to their customers. Yes while using taxibeat you get to choose your taxi driver. The choice can be made on specific needs. Other than choosing the driver, you can see the nearest cab, see the vehicle driver possess & check out the languages he can speak. Amazing isn’t it?

Well I am totally mesmerized researching and knowing just few things about the taxi apps. So now it’s time for me to experience it…

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