The Amazing Secret to Crafting a WOW AR Wedding Invitation

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Augmented Reality
By: Sandeep Agrawal

The Amazing Secret to Crafting a WOW Wedding Invitation

You have been engaged for over 6 months now.

The BIG Day is just around the corner and you are going nuts thinking about how your wedding invite would look like.

You don’t get time during the entire day and it’s only during those 30-minute lunch-breaks, you think of conjuring up a brilliant wedding invitation idea that will blow away your guests.

What is it that you could do to make that tiny piece of paper more interesting and set the tone of celebrating your nuptials?

But, brainstorming doesn’t seem to work out.

Can technology provide a helping hand here?

Scratching your head for an answer buddy….?

Well, YES.

One technology is helping make wedding invitations more attractive – Augmented Reality.

Before, I move onto describing what these actually are, a brief overview might help. As a technology, Augmented Reality allows images to become alive in the form of 3D models, animations, video and audio when viewed through an app-enabled smartphone.

Use this tech to craft super-cool wedding cards that deliver information to your guests in an interactive way.

Imagine when your guests receive your wedding invite, they scan it using a free smartphone app and all the information on the card comes alive.

Take for example ALIVE. It is a great platform that makes wedding cards come to life. You can use this to add a new dimension to your wedding invites in the form of a video and much more.

You can have your own themes and colors too.

Your wedding venue can be added to Google Map using this platform, so that your guests know where exactly they need to arrive.

Should you go for such type of wedding invites?




It all depends….

If you are really looking forward to create your wedding’s buzz, augmented reality wedding cards might be worth a try.

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