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By: Sandeep Agrawal

The Best seven New Features Of iOS 7

A company started by Steve Jobs, Steve Woznaik and Ronald Wayne has expanded from computers to customer electronics over the last 30 years. Undoubtedly, we all are iOS fans, but did you know that our favorite company had officially changed its name from Apple Computer, Inc to Apple, Inc in January 2007? Amazing isn’t it?
Well the most anticipated news is that Apple recently launched its latest operating system iOS 7, but the good news is that iOS 7 is filled with lots of new & better features than the previous systems so let’s have a look at the best new seven features of iOS 7.

Anti-theft Feature

Let’s us start with the Anti-theft feature. This feature tops my list though there are better features than this. This is because of its functions. We all know that absolutely no-security measures give 100% surety. I mean we have so many security measures but none of them are bulletproof. Today if we carefully observe then out of three, one robbery involves mobile devices. This is really scary, isn’t it? So here, for all Apple fans the new iOS 7 has an anti-theft feature, which would let you worry less about your iPhone being stolen. Now you would ask me that there is already a ‘Find my iPhone’ feature available in your iPhone then what is different in this ? Let me tell you the Anti-theft feature is different from your ‘Find my iPhone feature.’ Your iPhone cannot be traced because thieves just turn off the devices and wipe-them off before re-selling them. However when it comes to iOS 7, you have access to this completely new feature – Anti-theft feature, with which if anyone even steals your iPhone, he can use it only as a paperweight. The new activation lock setting is such that when a thief steals your iPhone he won’t be able to reactivate your iPhone without hacking your iCloud username as well as the password. Innovative isn’t it?

Modern Design

When I start speaking about design, I remember a famous quote from the father of Apple Inc – ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’ Now I actually understand this quote by Steve Jobs on seeing the design of latest operating system. iOS 7 is designed in a completely new way from head to toe. In other words, the latest iOS version that is iOS 7 has a completely new design compared to the previous versions. The new operating system is flat and this is the biggest change since the launch of first iPhone. According to some websites, the modern look of iOS is confusing but I think you would just love it, as it’s simple to use. The new look is simple and cleaner. In addition, the new design gives you a transparency effect. That means you can view your favorite home screen photo that used to be hidden previously behind the apps while using iOS 7.

Back Button & iTunes Radio

Whether you believe or not, this time some ideas are actually borrowed from Blackberry 10 and third party iOS apps. There are security measures and the look is also completely new. The back button feature is not exactly a back button to go to the previous screen but a gesture. The back button is there when you need it. However, it doesn’t clutter up the screen when you don’t need it. As I said, the back button is a gesture and not exactly a button. Instead of the button you need to swipe in from the left side of the screen (bezel to screen) to start the feature. It works in many expected places like Safari Web Browser, apps like mail etc.

Along with this, another amazing feature is the iTunes Radio. Everyone after the launch started calling this, as the iRadio. I must say it’s a nice name for the iPhone Radio. As expected, this iRadio has a lot of similarity to the competitors as it gives the Pandora like experience. Like most of the streaming music apps, with the iTunes Radio you can play pre-loaded stations by genre or create your own ‘artist radio’ station. Well what I feel the best about this radio is that it’s different as it allows you to tie back to the iTunes store, allowing you to ‘wishlist’ your favorites and purchase those tracks, which you want to hear on demand. This app is free and ad-supported but ads are removed for iTunes Match subscribers.

Smarter Siri

This time we have a smarter Siri to our access. Therefore, I can rightly say Siri wants to know you better in iOS 7. There wasn’t any big focus on Siri in the keynote demo, but this feature has male and female voices, which are multi-linguistic. In other words, these voices can speak in French & German, with a promise that more languages would be spoken in the coming times. In addition to this Siri will no more mispronounce any name and if it does you can teach it the right pronunciation. Other than these things, it can control your device in a much better way than the previous versions. It can playback voicemails, turn on & off things like Bluetooth and it can increase and decrease screen brightness. The best thing about Siri is that it is now integrated with Twitter, Wikipedia and search results from Bing, so that it can read Wikipedia entries for you or just pull up web results.


Previously multi-tasking interface was accessed by a double tap on the home button, which brought up a small rack of app icons running in the background, but now in iOS 7 it shows larger windows with the app’s interface in action. The most important thing about multitasking is that that our favorite company Apple has claimed that though it’s better now, it won’t damage the battery life. Also along with this, all the apps are able to run in the background.

Notification Feature

The notification centre has gotten a makeover. In earlier versions, this feature was not of much use but now with the launch of iOS 7 things have changed. The notification centre splits your notifications wisely between various categories like “All”, “Missed” and “Today” giving you a glance at all your day’s notifications. Innovative I must say…!

So these were the seven best iOS 7 features but this is not all, there is a lot more to offer as this time Apple has come up with many new & exciting features like FaceTime & iMessage blocking etc.

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