5 Rationales to Embrace Mobile ERP in Your Enterprise
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By: Vishal Kulshrestha

Top 5 Rationales to Embrace Mobile ERP in Your Enterprise

A few decades back, it takes a long time to reconcile financials at the end of the month because of the de-centralization of data and cumbersome system processes. This has cropped up the need for a solution that boosts organization growth and save them from die-hard closing.

One solution emerged! Web ERP (Enterprise resource planning) that has the potential to centralize the data, make the workflow coherent, and streamline the processes and operations. ERP helps the companies in collecting, storing, managing and interpreting the data seamlessly.

Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it…and everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

With unfold of sound IT strategies, web ERP is adapted by many organizations to the core in their system. However, growing use of mobile phones in consumer space drives the demand for mobility in the enterprise space. And, from there on the need of embracing mobile ERP is felt that brought a paradigm shift in enterprise space.

AMR research has also confirmed that after deploying the mobile solution, remarkable reduction in the costs & inefficiency, data consistency and improved customer services would be experienced.

Mobile ERP applications, an outstanding enterprise mobility solution foster the productivity and efficiency of the enterprises by providing immediate access to its customers and partners on the go.

Do you also feel is it the time to retire your aging enterprise software?

Let’s see the peculiar benefits of implementing ERP on mobile phones that aid your enterprise in different ways.

Unprecedented reduction in Cost

As the organizations gravitate towards mobile ERP apps, a striking decline in the administrative overhead, hardware cost, and inventory-carrying cost of manufacturing companies is experienced. Also, immediate response to the customer by moving the information quickly trims the operational cost by getting more work done in less time.

Even, studies revealed that adoption of these enterprise mobility applications resulted in decrease in expenses by 40%.

Increase in sales

Now, business is no longer limited to just office only. Mobile ERP solutions mobilized the businesses and allow the employees to access all department data and get to know about current deals, rebates, promotions and discounts anywhere, any time. Sales staff can take the action when necessary.

For instance, sales personnel can provide pricing quotes to the customer instantly, despite the place where they are. And, can view the customer’s sales history and financial record by using ERP solution in the palm of their hand.

Unexpected boost of productivity

Espousing mobile technologies within the organizations has improved the productivity to 45%. With implementation of ERP on smart devices, business data get consolidated that helps in avoiding duplication effort and that time can be utilized in some useful work.

Also, the way tasks are completed and customers are served can be monitored with mobile solutions which greatly affects the productivity and profitability of the enterprise. Reduced IT costs offers excellent opportunity to extend the return of investment (ROI).

Offer high quality services

To build the competitive edge and earn sustainable advantage is not easy. In this fast-paced world, everyone along with instant and prompt action, demands qualitative services. When employees stay flexible and updated with latest information within and outside the office, they can come up with suitable solutions and can address the issues of customer in a better way.

Mobile ERP assures the delivery of up-to-date and comprehensive solutions to the customer thereby enrich the user experience and eliminate the hurdles of serving customer globally.

Round-the-clock access

When you want to access something from your enterprise database, would you mind if it takes a day. Of course, you would. ERP integrates all the information and workflow within a coherent system, which is available 24/7 and gives you the deep insight of what you need, when you actually need it.

When the needed data is available at the disposal wherever the staff personnel are, response time minimizes and business relationship advances.


Elevating popularity of digital devices has mobilized the enterprises. Mobile ERP solutions are the robust applications that optimize the internal business processes and enhance the ultimate performance. The startling solutions presented new ways to stay competitive in the tough market and let enterprises look beyond the set up boundaries. So, are you ready to win your spur with holistic solution that would bring you ahead of the curve!

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