Best 5 Ways Virtual Reality can Revolutionize the Travel Space

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By: Vishal Kulshrestha

Top 5 Ways Virtual Reality can Revolutionize the Travel Space

Soon, a dream to roam around the world will be fulfilled by travel ads only.

It sounds shocking. Isn’t it?

YES, but it’s the truth, new innovations in advertisements are so impactful that alleviates the need to physical travel.

Without hopping in a car or plane, people can visit different landmarks, have fun of transportation and garner life-like experience of being in that place.

How is it possible?

“With Virtual reality, the field of view is so wide that a switch in your brain flips, and within a few seconds your brain feels like that is reality. It feels that what it’s looking at is actually where you are.” – Brendan Iribe

Yet, no video, images or animations are so influential that can completely immerse the one like this!

VIRTUAL REALITY has made it possible.

VR experience is breath-taking that will completely immerse the person wearing virtual reality headset by making them see, feel and smell their future trip.

Want to know what the virtual reality actually is? Click here.

Presently, the technology is trending in travel advertising campaigns to boost the number of visitors coming to the nation.

Australia tourism CMO and CIO said Virtual reality could be a future tool for telling stories about Australia and showing a virtual Australia to people far away might inspire them to visit the real Australia.

Virtual Reality (VR) is about to become mainstream and could be a $7 billion market by 2018, according to the Sophic capital.

Understanding the wide scope of VR in future and considering people believe what they experience, travel and tourism vertical is embracing it for their marketing campaigns.

Take a glance over the benefits what virtual reality has to offer

1) Try before you buy or fly

Travelling to new places is so expensive that it requires one to think before puzzle out. Shell out a good amount of money for any trip that does not suit your taste is really tricky because you don’t know what type of experience trip would render.

If the place would not like in which you are interested in, then it will ruin the travel fun and your thousand dollars as well.

Here, virtual reality would help you out by driving you at the place virtually where you have planned to visit. It’s really ultimate solution that allows you to experience how the place will be before buying travel package or flying to that place.

South African Tourism launched VR project that helps would-be travelers feel self-assured about booking travel to an area that they feel as too dangerous or exotic.

2) Interact with environment

The real spirit of location captivates the traveler’s brain when they are able to view and walk into the hotels, city attractions, museums, galleries, shops and a lot more.

Also, the true stories and history of different points can be viewed, and how user would feel in between them can also be experienced because VR headsets switch in brain flips in a few seconds and make them feel like it’s a reality.

3) Real-time simulation

Many times, it happens that we are unable to decide whether changes in season or weather would affect the travel badly or delight us. In real time, it’s difficult to decide and simulate the changes in the real world.

However, real-time impact of changes in environment over your excursion can be displayed leveraging virtual reality. Also, what things will be influenced by upcoming events and manifestations is showcased.

Real-time simulation eliminates every query or doubt, one might have in reference to changing conditions.

4) Game-changer for transportation

Truly, long travelling journeys in plane, bus or railway are boring. Here, transportation services often struggle to enrich and enhance passengers travelling experience.

Forward thinkers who are at forefront of innovation leveraging virtual reality technology can entertain and connect with their passengers in a unique way.

Qantas Airways has offered First Class passengers Samsung Gear VR headsets in premium cabins for a three-month trial. The company has taken step forward to give very best and latest in-flight experience of virtual Hollywood movies to the onboard passengers from the comfort of their seat 40,000 feet above the ground.

Game-changer for transportation - Qantas

5) Empower sales

When travel agencies start using virtual reality solutions to sell different travel packages, it becomes easy to make people not walk in someone else shoes, but see & experience the place themselves.

Interactive travel experience along with virtual tours inspires the people and perhaps, makes them book their trips in near future. Finally, it will pump up the sales and ascend revenues.


Futurist Daniel Burrus said, “Virtual reality won’t replace real travel, as is often portrayed in sci-fi movies. It will become a new form of showrooming, an incredible 3D taste of a destination that will make travelers long to experience the real thing.”

The technology succeeded in convincing people to believe what’s there in their field of vision. Thousands of examples are proving the same.

The 360 degree paranomic view added a new frontier in travel and tourism industry with realistic and stunning virtual tour.

Let travel geeks soar through forests, hover above oceans, zoom through streets and fly in the sky.

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