Building Next-Generation Games

Bringing Gaming into Real World through Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality technology promises immersive experiences for gamers likes never before. Imagine playing Pacman in real world environment using your smartphone or a wearable device like Google Glass! Augmented Reality in Games allows users to interact with characters, objects and participate in game-play in real-time and thereby helps make a deeper impact.

Let’s explore endless possibilities with Augmented Reality Gaming

Board Games

Turn a standard game board into an engaging & interactive Augmented Reality board game where objects come to life. Playing games such as Chess can now be more fun! Watch the pawns come to life as you start the pand lot laying gaming app.

Card Games

Allow gamers to uncover interesting game content, characters and a lot more by scanning AR-enabled cards using smartphone in camera mode.

Dart & Archery Games

Imagine playing a dart game just by posing the camera of your smartphone towards the wall! Offer the best ever immersive archery experience to your end-users by creating Augmented Reality Game Apps that allow them to shoot targets on the table.

Shooter Games

Get marker-based Augmented Reality Game app which allows your users to see an entire battlefield right in front of their eyes. Let your users immerse themselves into combats, shoot zombies, fight opponents, & save lives.

Block Games

What if playing with toy cubes can be made more engaging? Compelling Augmented Reality Games Development helps transform blocks into rooms. These rooms have characters and other assets. Your goal is to take the central character from room to room by overcoming challenges.

Thriller Games

Send chills down the spine of gamers with thriller Augmented Reality Games for Android & iPhone. Let gamers interact with their environment on-screen, find, interact and get rid of ghosts through various ways.


Bringing jigsaw puzzles to life with Augmented Reality Games for iPhone & Android! Once you have assembled those 1000+ jigsaw puzzle pieces, the entire puzzle can be transformed into a video upon completion.

Action & Adventure

Explore areas, cities, collect artifacts, and fight deadly monsters virtually with the power of Augmented Reality Gaming! Virtual objects can be kept hidden at places which can be uncovered using the gaming app.

Location-Based Games

Get iPad Augmented Reality Games that integrate real surroundings within game events to offer a breath-taking experience. Site-specific and non-site specific games can be built depending on your needs. Turn an entire city into a playing field with Augmented Reality.