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Create product catalog quickly by deploying a PIM for catalog production

The product catalog is the key business entity for online or brick-and-mortar stores. Through the catalog, customers get detailed information about the products and make timely buying decisions.

Credencys has proven expertise in implementing product information management for catalog production. B2B businesses and retailers can update product catalogs automatically. It allows managing a variety of product information including product prices, descriptions, images, and specifications.

We deliver the PIM that helps brands to create a perfect catalog. It collects product data from different sources and channels. Data that comes from varied platforms are available in different formats. Developing PIM for catalog production, we help organizations syndicate all the data in a standard format and manage them effectively.

At Credencys, we build advanced PIM that allows you to create the product catalog for print media as well as digital platforms. By streamlining the catalog creation and update process, we help brands to reduce operation costs and save time for performing the tedious process manually.

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Our expertise in product information management for catalog production

Credencys has successfully deployed PIM for catalog production that helps the companies to keep their product updated and share accurate information with the customers to improve their trust and satisfaction. Improve your customer engagement by creating a catalog of their preferences quickly.

Centralized product catalogs

We develop product information management for catalog production that allows brands to consolidate the product information in a centralized repository. It ensures to have a consistent and updated product catalog. It becomes easy to map and define new products, pricing discounts, etc. without performing a time-consuming process. Create a true omnichannel experience for your customers through optimized catalog design and layout.

Product feed management

Allowing you to create high-quality product feeds, we help you create extraordinary product experiences for your customers. PIM lets you optimize and personalize the product experience for all channels as per customers' preferences. Brands can easily integrate their shops, systems, spreadsheets, etc. with the PIM. Advanced PIM allows optimizing the catalogs in bulk and publishing them across multiple channels with zero manual effort.

Enrich product content

While building PIM for catalog production, Credencys PIM experts make sure the solution allows for product catalog enrichment. Ensure product information contains all attributes that buyers need to know while making purchase decisions. Enabling you with the right product catalog management solution, we help you achieve consistency, relevance, and accuracy for the product data.

Print catalog

We help businesses to automate their catalog printing process for sales and marketing material. Create customized and print-ready marketing and sales collaterals such as brochures, flyers, price lists, user manuals, technical documentation, presentations, etc., and get a print of them with a single click. PIM provides design files in different design formats such as print-ready CMYK or RGB PDFs and office documents.

Digital asset management

Embracing the digital asset management feature of the PIM platform, we manage all the product-related media assets centrally including images, videos, graphics, documents, and more. DAM allows organizations to integrate, consolidate, and manage any amount and any type of media assets and syndicate it with the respective products while creating the product catalog.

Updated and accurate product data

PIM for catalog production allows the creation of product information catalog pages with the help of InDesign. As catalog management is connected with PIM, you can create the catalog with updated product data. It ensures customers will access accurate product information.


Using the smart PIM platform, Credencys PIM experts allow you to create multiple versions of a single product catalog by considering different languages, currencies, pricing, countries, etc. We build the product catalog management solution that offers multi-lingual and multi-currency support. It reduces your catalog production time and cost while creating different versions with additional languages and pricing content.

Ready to print

With the help of PIM, you can build product catalogs with approved product data and page templates. Create print-ready fields that reduce the publication timeline and eliminate the process of last-minute review. By pulling the data from PIM, it becomes faster and smoother to generate the layout. Thus, say sayonara to the time-consuming product catalog creation process.

High-speed page building

Integrated InDesign allows the designers to work within the platform using advanced design tools and accessing the PIM data. Product information management for catalog production offers drag and drop functionality that speeds up page construction. It also enables you complete control over text and image flow and paragraph and character style.

Who can use PIM for catalog production?

Sales team

The sales team needs to coordinate with the customers regularly. They understand the customer requirements and need to create the product catalog on the fly with all their required product details including price, specifications, pictures, videos, pricing, and more. Using the PIM for catalog production, the sales team can generate the product catalog in no time.

Marketing team

The marketing team needs to distribute the product data across different marketing channels. Marketing executives need to share the updated product information with the buyers. PIM for catalog production allows them to generate the catalog of in-demand products and share important information about the products across varied digital channels.

Warehouse and store managers

Warehouse managers, store managers, operators, and shift managers need to generate a product catalog to get insights about the available inventory of the products in their godowns.

External parties

External parties of an organization such as partners, agencies, value-added sellers, and resellers need a product catalog to get information about the products and services. They can share the product information with end-users as well.

Field marketers

Field marketers interact with the walking customers and provide demonstrations of the products and solutions they offer. With the help of product information management for catalog production, they can explain their offerings in a better way and deliver value to the customers by improving product experiences.

B2B buyers

B2B buyers purchase in bulks so they need to view reference material before making a purchase decision. Product catalogs help such customers to compare different products from varied vendors and select the most suitable option for the business.

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Why should businesses consider PIM for catalog

Leverage personalization

Create personalized catalogs that contain buyer-specific products and prices based on demographics, locations, buyer behavior, and more.

Improved efficiency

Adding a new sales channel becomes easier with PIM as it allows publishing the catalog data in 3rd party apps & systems like CMS, marketplace, etc.

Increased revenue

PIM allows brands to launch new products and manage product information in static and dynamic bundles to boost revenue.

Enriched customer experience

Offering a centralized repository of product data, the creation of a product catalog becomes quicker with accurate product data that improve customer experience.

Our process to build product information management for catalog production


Requirement Gathering & Analysis

  • Understanding your business
  • Comprehending requirements
  • Drafting proposal document


Wireframes & Design

  • Screenflow strategy
  • Creating wireframes
  • Designing the UI



  • Deciding project phases
  • Coding the project
  • Client’s feedback


Quality Assurance

  • Testing the PIM system
  • Sharing test report
  • Get final approval from client


Deployment & Launch

  • Deploying a PIM solution on the client’s server
  • Launching the PIM solution
  • Post-launch support

Hire PIM developers to deploy product information
management for catalog production

Our well-experienced and highly skilled PIM experts ensure to develop and deliver the best in class PIM for catalog production that allows your team to create the catalog rapidly by ensuring accurate product information.

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Fixed Cost

It is the right choice for the projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

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Time & Material

The engagement model allows to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

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Offshore Development Center

We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

Tools & Technologies

We utilize the latest technologies to build the product information management solution for your business that works seamlessly with upcoming modern technology. We ensure you that the solution runs in sync with your existing enterprise systems and third party software and applications.

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FAQs: Product information management for catalog

Product information management is a platform that performs the process of handling product data, content, and other attributes. It helps brands to promote and sell the products. The product information systems ensure that quality product data is created for multichannel distribution and internal use.

ZERO. Yes, the cost of developing a product information management solution for catalog production using Pimcore’s capabilities is zero. Pimcore is an open-source platform that comes with zero licensing cost. However, there is the only cost of implementation & customization and that varies from project to project. You can book 30 minutes of free consultation to know more about the cost.

Implementation of PIM depends on the number of products you have and the complexity of your product attributes. If you want to integrate customized features and functionality in the PIM system, then the development will be time-consuming.

Yes. PIM collects the information from different sources and manages it centrally. Enabling organizations with catalog management features, PIM allows companies to create custom product catalogs using the available templates and product data. Brands can create the products catalog quickly with accurate and updated product information.


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