IoT Solutions for Water & Gas Utilities | IoT water flow meter solutions

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Get the visibility your Enterprise needs to increase it’s operational efficiency

Credencys IoT solutions will help you to understand your customers’ usage pattern, address your product’s inventory concerns and helping you to mobilize effective sales campaigns.

  • Get access to your customer’s usage patterns such as min/max usage, geography wise consumption patterns between different customers & usage for a specific period
  • Get a better control over maintenance, security, theft & pilferage related incidents using IoT solutions
  • Bill your users in accordance with their usage to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Information on usage patterns helps in optimizing business models, processes, improving sales campaigns; thus improving topline & bottomline

Estimate the supply & demand ratio accurately by analyzing customer usage trends using IoT solutions

Plan your production well in advance with the help of IoT solutions. Estimate supply & demand ratio, predict the spike early & be ready with your product to deliver to your customer in time.

  • Reduce the delay in delivery of your product with a well planned production schedule
  • Provide a seamless experience by supplying products as soon as there is a demand
  • Reduce your production related overheads by streamlining production based on the evident data on supply & demand.
  • Improve on your logistic costs by delivering the product based on your customer’s usage & consumption pattern

Deliver better customer experience by empowering your customers to take actions based on their consumption pattern.

Your customers can access their usage information & tweak their usage according to the data, also should the need arise; they can book the product whenever a refill is required.

  • Your customers can access a mobile app and find out the consumption pattern, usage trend, booking history
  • Your customers can view the product level in the present cylinder in the realtime & forecast the refill requirement; thus they get the full value for their money
  • Your customers can prevent the wastage of product by ordering the refill only, when it is actually required
  • Enjoy uninterrupted supply of product at your home/office by reordering product automatically from the app

IoT water flow & Gas meter Solutions are designed & developed according to your business needs & processes

Intuitive Feedback System

Instant notification in case of Anomalies

Real Time Info. on product leve

Check the product’s current level in the equipment to get full value

Over the air update

Stay updated with latest features

Usage Information of Customers

Usage trends and consumption Pattern

Leakage & Theft Protection

Take action instantly on information related to leakage & theft

Reduction in repair costs

Know the nature of the break down information before visiting location

Inventory Management

Match the customer location & Equipment location

Device Performance Info

Check device performance & behavior

Order on the go

Customers can order the products with a mobile app on the go

Credencys’s Value Proposition

Agile Methodology

Iterative development, continuous delivery, continuous testing & continuous deployment


Access to latest technologies, tools & technology stacks with a transparent project management tool

End to End DevOps

Deliver business value more frequently. Achieve Quick deployments, shorter lead times, less probability of failure & ability to quickly recover

Quality Testing

Receive a top quality software product with unified user experiences. Reduce your time to market, save costs & get a product which is fit to use


Best in class infrastructure for optimum productivity. Collaborative work environment for precise action oriented workflow & high productivity

Experience in Relevant Projects

Experience in delivering different types of projects for Start-ups to Enterprises

Why Credencys?

  • 6 Years

    in Existence

  • 200+

    Team Members

  • 10

    Project Managers

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    Scrum Masters

  • 1000+

    No. of Projects Done

  • 100K+

    Accepted User Stories

Interact with your developers through a transparent project management tool. You can;

  • Get Iterative and continuous time box code deliveries
  • Get a single source of truth so that everyone shares the same vision
  • Get a clear visibility on the project development status
  • Access to visual data & reports for a better sprint planning

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