Powerful & User-Friendly Online Real-Time Multiplayer Games

Crafting Compelling Multiplayer Games Of Various Genres

Creating multiplayer games is a different ball-game. Since there are thousands of players involved, one needs to ensure that the backend is absolutely rock solid. It is important to have a scalable architecture and proper server side logic for Multiplayer Game Apps. Our team has in-depth expertise in designing and developing high-end MMORPG Apps backed by powerful APIs. It is crucial to manage multiple client socket sessions to offer the best experience to your gamers. Our developers craft interactive game plays depending on the genre you require.


Multiplayer games work slightly different than other gaming apps. The server forms the cornerstone for such games. Proper UDP implementation is must for the success for multiplayer games as these cannot be implemented using HTTP. Hands-on-experience in UDP Implementation for Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

Some of the platforms we work on

Building Highly-Advanced MMO Games To Delight Gamers

Delivering holistic gaming solutions by designing, developing & testing multiple games for all kinds of hand-held devices. Your Multiplayer Game App is equipped with the best functionalities and a great user-interface.

Multiplayer Online Games

Irrespective of the number of players, your users don’t want to encounter a situation where they have to lose a game because of perceived latency. Our game development team engineers powerful MMOGs that allow for latency in the architecture and design.

  • Real–time strategy
  • First person shooter
  • Simulation games
  • Racing & Sports games

Real-Time Turn-Based Games

Creating multiplayer turn-based games for both iOS and Android platforms. Get an engaging turn-based game play built to keep your users engaged for a long period of time. Our developers create both 2D/3D turn-based including card and board games where users have to compete against opponents. In these games, players usually get considerable time to consider their moves.

  • Players can make calculated moves
  • Engaging challenges
  • Reduced server interference
  • Easy to control and manage

Asynch Games

Keep your users entertained for a long-time with Asynch multiplayer games. Many times it happens that players do not have the time to respond to other players move immediately. Designing & developing unique apps with asynchronous game play is our forte. Your users can leave the game when they have played their turn. Once their opponent has played his/her turn, a notification pops-up on your users’ phone.



Arrange gaming sessions in various ways using the power of matchmaking. The onus of matching players lies on the server. Once the requisite number. of players is found, the game begins.


Users can send instant messages to other players to interact in real-time. Players can chat with group and worldwide users.

Lobbies & Virtual Rooms

Your players don’t have to leave the game to hang around and chat with one another. Lobbies allow them to interact seamlessly. Virtual rooms are created where players can play in groups.

Social Sharing

Your multiplayer game is integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook so that users can invite their friends to play and share their achievements.

Reward Management

Your game is backed by a robust server that seamlessly manages players’ positions, achievements and scores.

Push Notifications

Let your users get push and email notification once their opponent has played a move, turn expires etc.


Maintain scoreboard across various gaming sessions, showcase player rankings and much more.