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Customer Mobile Enablement

Mobile Apps to streamline customer experience

Connect your customers on a mobile App and streamline banking and financial processes such as KYC, account statements, financial transactions, portfolio monitoring and advisory with improved user experience. Also provide them tools for their Investment Banking Portfolio management.

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What the solution will provide

Mobile Apps for Customers

Customers can easily manage their bank accounts, investment portfolios and insurance policies. Mobile app expedites and simplifies complex financial processes like KYC, claim settlement, investment redemption, foreign exchange etc., saving time & resources used otherwise.

NFC based Mobile Apps

Customers do not need to carry physical cards anymore as they can store all their credit/debit cards virtually in the app for more secure and safe transactions. Develop NFC based mobile solutions for instant payments and secured transactions.

Portfolio Management

Customers can plan and review their financial investment goals on a mobile app. They can manage their savings and investments, and take advice from their designated relationship managers for decisions on wealth management.


Blockchain in Banking & Financial Services

Adopt Blockchain technology for highly secure, transparent and reliable processes into your organisation. Get a Proof of Concept done. Connect Now for Industry specific consultation.

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Enhanced Mobile Experience for Investors

The Client is a leading Fin-Tech company, helping the Financial Advisers with White labelled Technology Solutions. The Client offers the standardised digital solution to empower the Financial Advisers to improve sales management.

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