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Improve ROI With Mission-Critical Processes

When combined with the power of Mobile devices, ERP apps can have a substantial impact on the bottom-line of your business.

Implement Mobile ERP to improve profitability and customer satisfaction. Empower your employees by bringing the magic of mobility to ERP Apps. By using custom-crafted Mobile ERP apps, you can have access to critical information in real-time and make better decisions.

Improve Your Service Quality by Implementing Complete Mobile ERP Solutions

Sales & Marketing

Building highly intuitive ERP Mobile Apps that help your sales & marketing team achieve more in less time. These apps allow your Marketing team to –

  • Identify and manage new leads
  • Track lost orders and find out the reasons
  • View, edit and manage sales reports
  • Forecast sales more accurately
  • Manage marketing campaigns
  • Consolidate data

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain forms a crucial part of businesses. All activities encompassing from procurement of raw materials to the distribution of final product must be accomplished flawlessly. However, this is easier said than done. Mobile ERP Solutions help tackle inefficiencies in your system, boost productivity and cut down warehouse-related costs considerably.

  • Track orders in real-time
  • Manage shipments
  • Prompt alerts for production issues
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Quick billing

Operations Management

Keeping an eye over your day to day operations is quite challenging. Rely on mobile ERP Apps to handle activities ranging from accounting to finance in the most flawless manner. Have complete control over –

  • Employee time sheets
  • Managing service contracts
  • Daily expense management
  • Handling multitude of projects
  • Maintenance & Repair

Strategic Advantage

ERP Applications help you get strategic advantage in terms of customer retention, workforce productivity, precise & accurate data capture and quicker response time. Moreover you can improve your customer support. Mobile ERP apps allow your employees to access customer data in real-time and offer prompt service and support. This helps deal with complex customer queries on time.