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Automate Your Transportation & Logistics Business Processes with Digital Ecosystems

Improve operational excellence and improve profitability with smart enterprise mobility solutions for transportation and logistics

Increase Efficiency & Safety of Shipments Using Fleet Management Solutions

Achieve a competitive edge by gaining unprecedented visibility into each and every transportation operation. Leverage accelerated business growth by transforming manual workflows to mobile. Experience end-to-end automation in your multi-faceted logistics operations using fleet management solutions.

  • Increase the productivity of your shipments by accessing real-time data for each fleet and driver using fleet management solutions
  • Improve driver efficiency, and increase the number of trips through smart scheduling
  • Minimize delivery time of the goods by reducing archaic and redundant logistics process
  • Reduce the transportation time of your shipments with optimized route planning using fleet management solutions
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Streamline Cab Booking Business With Taxi App Development

Boost your customer base and generate better revenue through taxi app development. Deliver a rich user experience by developing user-friendly mobile apps for drivers, customer, and admin. Improve response time to the customers’ requests through modern taxi booking apps.

  • Effectively manage a large network of drivers and customers using taxi booking mobile apps
  • Flexibility to keep changing fares effortlessly during peak hours
  • Increase profitability by applying custom calculation and methodology for perk counting during particular days of a week and in specific time slots
  • Better estimation of the car arrival time and fares
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Monetize Your Parking Operations through Mobile Parking Solutions

Parking space allocation and reservation become easier than ever with mobile parking solutions. Convert private and public parking into a revenue-generating unit using advanced mobile parking solutions. Reduces operational cost as no attendants are required to manage the parking space.
Mobile parking solutions for parking help in avoiding chaos at parking spaces, reducing traffic issues, and saving the environment from air and noise pollution.

  • Improve customer experience by sending automated SMS or push notifications for parking permit expirations and rule violations
  • Increase flexibility for customers by allowing them to pay online to reserve a parking slot on a daily, monthly or yearly basis
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) users can easily find parking spaces with charging stations
  • Help people save time on finding appropriate parking spaces and searching for their vehicles in a large parking location
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Enhanced Customer Services with Warehouse Solutions

Gain complete visibility of different warehouse operations such as identifying consignments, packaging, and shipments with warehouse solutions for heightened efficiency. Fulfil customer requirements faster with fewer errors with less labor. Make better decisions about stock quantities, labor availability, & item location using enterprise mobility solutions for warehousing operations.

  • Reduce labor costs through an automated warehouse enterprise mobile app
  • Improve the accuracy of inventory management by matching the quantity ordered by the client and the quantity available in the stock
  • Increase customer satisfaction through more accurate delivery scheduling
  • Enhance inventory efficiency and quickly respond to changing customer demands using warehousing mobile apps
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Empower your business with automated processes using enterprise mobility solutions for transportation and logistics

Better Decision Making

Real-time data insights help in taking informed & profitable decisions

Digital Transformation

Increase overall productivity with automated workflow

On-time Service Delivery

Digital ecosystems serve quickly and effectively with more accuracy

Quickly Respond to Customer Requests

Access customer requirements on the go using a mobile app

3rd Party System Integration

End-to-end automation requires integration of different IT assets

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Real-time updates of requested services engage the users

Credencys Excels in Custom Transportation & Logistics Mobile Solutions Development

  • Maintaining the highest standard of coding for high-performance software
  • Quick collaborative review meetings possible with offices in USA & India for easy reach out
  • Get instant inputs from Subject matter experts whenever you require
  • Get an access to multiple user stories, use cases & in-depth analysis for a thorough development of features & functionalities throughout the project development
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