Credencys Squad

Do I Need a PIM?

Meet Your Team

Our engineers, designers, strategists and project managers are the rock stars who bring a rich fabric of experience and talent to every innovation. The team assigned to your project will have specialized experience in your industry, having built several successful tools and products to back it up. From white-boarding new concepts to solving those nerve racking problems, it’s our resource placement and execution process that gives us that special edge to always deliver the right results. Post the bootstrap process, you will be assigned a scrum squad who will be focused on providing you with that WOW delivery.

Your Strategies and Us

Our proven design strategy is what defines who we are and where we shine. Our development methodology defines how we think and what differentiates us from our competitors. We do a few things and we do them very well. Our teams are highly appreciated by all our clients for radical transparency, open communication and collaboration. The magic lies in getting the right people with the right engagement model to follow your mission. The core values adopted by Credencys transcends into the highly effective staff we hire. As individuals, they allow us to deliver on our promises. As a conglomerate, we make you the rock star. Hiring from our pool of resources is like having a premium in-house creative studio in one of your spare rooms.

The Team Structure

Our stellar problem solvers know your consumers, they know the trends, they know what works, which gives their work such a highly-coveted success rate. Life is a puzzle that fits together one way – the best way. Teams are comprised of self-motivated geniuses who are challenged by solving some of the toughest problems. By providing a creative environment, we help to inspire and then bring to life your most innovative ideas.

Our squad of team players is comprised of flexible resources that work as a unified front towards your objectives. At the core, we have a Business Analyst, Product Manager, Product Designer, System Architect and paired full stack senior front and back-end engineers. Additional resources are scaled up and down as needed. Our cross functional team ensures no downtime, the highest project velocity and smooth change management.

"It’s common knowledge that lack of clarity due to lacunae in communication, irregular response times and lax accountability leads to project delays and failures. These problems in project management aren’t new, but with Scrum and DevOps we have a better means to resolve such issues making collaboration easier for developers. Our agenda is to acquaint every newcomer to our team with these standard processes and encourage them to adopt the best practices in development in order to ensure that Credencys scores high on client satisfaction, on each and every occasion."


Making you the true Product Owner

As a client, your role is that of a Project Owner. As project owner, you play an active role in all phases, with the final say in analysis, requirements and design, even through development and implementation. You will collaborate directly with a point of contact as well as have access to the individual members of the team assembled for your project needs. Whether you are hands-on or want to sit back and let us do what we do best, you are in good hands with a team that is well equipped to get the job done right.