Start Building Now

Get a working prototype in 15 days

Blueprint is a collaborative workshop with which we transform your ideas into an actionable plan. The agenda is to bring all stakeholders together, discuss requirements and create a plan of action which would take your idea from concept to the market. Blueprint helps in laying technical architecture, UI prototyping, designing mobile app wireframe, budgeting and risk mitigation.


Break Down Requirements into Tasks

  • Our team of consultants will meet you on-site to discuss idea/s or define problem statement/s.
  • The team sequentially lists specific requirements based on their agreed priority and proposes respective solution scenarios.
  • The team also evaluates your existing systems to assess need for upgrades or maintenance to accommodate new implementation.

Build a Wireframe, Prototype and Roadmap

  • Determine user path and build UI/UX specification through interaction diagram and screen flows.
  • Define prioritized requirements for building agile MVP recommendations on the full product.
  • Draw wireframes, design screen shots and build prototypes (which are clickable).
  • Define the risks and mitigation process.
  • Develop an implementation, delivery and support roadmap.

Assess Technical Viability and Budget Estimates

  • This involves final system and product viability assessment.
  • You will get solution architecture and technology stack with trade off analysis (native apps, web application, mobile apps and platforms).
  • At this stage you will get to know requirement for Middleware and integration solutions.
  • We will also audit and code review any existing apps and/or APIs, execute security analysis and provide recommendations.
  • Finally, cost estimates are also produced.

Voila – Blueprint is done! Let’s see what you have got:

  • A Clickable Prototype
  • Implementation, Delivery and Support Roadmap
  • Technical Viability Reports
  • Cost Estimates

Blueprint is unlike any other discovery workshop as it introduces you to Credencys’ work approach – which has delivered wow to numerous enterprises. It is crucial to state here that we are not just another prototype design company and our services aren't restricted to mobile app prototyping. As a business development house, we help businesses transform into lean and mean units that are ready to face and beat competition.