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Ready. Set. Grow.

Cloud augments businesses with speed, agility and scalability offering numerous services and vast infrastructure. Treating cloud as just another hosting provider might not help you claim the real benefits of this platform. It’s time to restructure your process architectures and make them future ready with cloud. Credencys offers cloud and data management consulting and development of cloud platform solutions that provide scale and speed of tomorrow to your business, today.

Cloud Strategy

Discover how & what in Cloud is good for you.

Credencys helps businesses in drafting a road map based on your business and IT goals and selecting the appropriate cloud platform/service suiting your requirements. This includes Cloud & SOA Readiness Assessment.

Cloud Platform Services

Endless services. Incremental Growth.

There are a plethora of Cloud Platform Services for Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Desktop Virtualization, Mobile Development, App Testing and Analytics, Management of APIs and more. Almost everything you can think about Digital Transformation is possible with these services. Further, using these Cloud services ensures that you don’t have to worry about any other interoperability and connectivity issues. Credencys offers you the expertise to make most of these services and scale up your business in no time.

Cloud Integration

Higher Synergy. Nix Complexity.

Making all your on premise enterprise applications (including the legacy ones) work in tandem with SaaS applications, isn’t too wishful; Credecnys can help you achieve this Integration. Ensure low latency, overcome interface limitations for uninterrupted application connectivity both within the cloud and between the cloud and enterprise.

Cloud Application Migration

Whether you want to build a new application or migrate an existing one - Credencys can help you in smooth transition to the Cloud. This migration is most crucial for organizations involved in geographically dispersed projects with highly variable business demands. Cloud can make them nimble and responsive for such challenges without any heavy capital investment.


Migration to AWS

Take advantage of AWS services like EC2, S3, Simple DB, and SQS in delivering applications, desktops and computing resources as on-demand services.

Migration to Azure

You can choose to migrate your Applications to Microsoft’s data centers. The Service is ideal for data intensive applications, hosting collaboration systems and more.


Harness Big Data

Better Insights. Informed Decisions. Higher Value.

We can guide you through distributed messaging systems vs real-time messaging systems to determine which is right for you. Explore the trade-offs between Spark, Hadoop and Mongodb to get prediction and intelligent systems that can transform the way you interact with your customers.