Attract more customers by offering them highly engaging content on scanning target images from product brochures, newspaper ads, hoardings, etc. using augmented reality apps. It will enable them to interact with the products in a better way. By creating such an app, you’ll help the customer to make a better and informed purchase decision. It will allow them to experience the product before it is developed or purchased

Product Launch

Handling a product launch might be cumbersome at times. Consumers will be able to absorb more information with the help of three-dimensional augmented reality based demonstration

  • Influence consumers’ buying decision by showcasing the specifications of the product using AR print marker mobile app
  • Educate users about your product’s effectiveness with the help of immersive and interactive visuals
  • Boost the efficiency of the Maintenance staff by providing them with a better learning experience and on-ground support


Print marker based AR app helps students to learn better with the help of immersive videos rather than traditional written instructions. They can bring alive and interact with diagrams and science experiments from their books which will lead to a better understanding and memory retention

  • Enable students to get a deeper insight into scientific diagrams and chemical processes via Augmented Reality apps
  • Bring out the creativity in students by allowing them to create amazing 3D designs of their own
  • Augmented Reality apps can help them to turn their 2D drawing into 3D and allow them to explore more about that picture


Increase consumer engagement with your brand by communicating more efficiently using print marker based AR content. It will improve ROI by enhancing marketing efforts using AR mobile app solutions

  • Consumers can customize the vehicles in real-time by modifying color, wheels, etc. using the app
  • Reduce consumer efforts to understand the functions of the Automobile from inside out by augmenting indicators over various components


Allow your customers to experience their dream home live before it is actually built. The AR app will help them to discover every part of the house so precisely that it’ll convert visitors into customers

  • Save time and effort of consumers by allowing them to visit the site right on their smartphones even when they are not present at the site
  • Increase consumer involvement by allowing them to make changes in the app such as wall color, wall piece, etc
  • Boost your sales by letting consumers actualize their dream home in a better way using print marker based AR solutions


Elevate sales by offering clients a better perspective of medical machines and its functioning via print marker based AR app. It will improve their understanding of your product

  • Create immersive models of the medical machinery and impose them on machine’s images
  • Clients can view all the details about each part of the machines with the help of 3D pointers using Augmented Reality Apps
  • Influence purchase decision by offering them a virtual tour of your medical machinery with interactive content
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Bringing substantial manufacturing machines at client’s location can be clunky at times. Help your clients to get a realistic idea about the working of manufacturing machine by an augmented reality app and a tracker image

  • Offer your clients more than the expected by showcasing an immersive demo using the tracker image
  • Allow them to interact with the digital content in real-time to have an overview of various machine functions
  • Enhance the quality of work of tech-support by improving the quality of service and reducing repair time using Augmented Reality app

Benefits of Print Marker based Augmented Reality App Development

Create Immersive Experience

Increase brand awareness among consumers by creating a highly interactive advertisement with print marker based AR apps

Boost Marketing Efforts

Increase brand loyalty by sharing coupons and rewards by leveraging AR enablement of Billboards, Magazines and Newspapers using Augmented Reality apps

Drive High Sales

Increase sales by enhancing consumer engagement into interactive print marker based AR mobile application

Give a Kick Start to your Startup

Generate instant sales by offering customers a fascinating first look at your product via scanning various markers using augmented reality apps

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