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Bring Print to Life

Revive the way your Customers Interact with Information

Add a layer of interactivity to printed-information by using multimedia content such as images, audio, video and a lot more. Augmented Reality for Print Media helps you increase the number of copies sold and create new revenue streams for your business from advertising.

Explore how your Business can be Transformed using AR

Newspapers & Magazines

Add digital information into regular columns, news and articles to take the reader-experience to a whole new level. There are specific areas within newspapers and magazines that are targeted towards advertisers. These content areas can be used to trigger Augmented Reality. Once the end-user starts an app in the camera-mode and projects it towards the print ad, he/she can see a layer of digital information merged with the real-world. This leaves a lasting impression on your customers’ mind and they are sure to do positive word-of-mouth marketing for you!


Add an element of fun and entertainment to fiction-books using interactive augmented reality solutions. Get Print Augmented Reality apps that allow children to have a more immersive experience when reading encyclopedias. By holding a page in front of a webcam, children can actually interact with static images and learn more about cultural events, human anatomy, history and lot more. Apps can be specifically developed for –

  • Text books
  • University books
  • User & maintenance manuals
  • Tourist guides
  • Encyclopedias
  • Cross-media products


Are you planning to offer editorial products that include multiple issues of your magazine or newspaper? Augmented reality magazine apps can be built for such products to engage readers. Individual apps can be developed for collectibles that focus on –

  • History
  • Archeology
  • Architecture
  • Boats and Cars
  • Geography
  • Space & Astronomy
  • Science


Product packaging is very effective touch point to connect with your customers in an unique way. Build an Augmented Reality packaging app for your product and let your customers view detailed information like ingredients, price, discounts, etc. in front of their eyes. This digital information makes your customers more aware and helps them make more informed decisions.

Brochures and Catalogues

These form the biggest print mediums when it comes to marketing and promotions. Bring your advertising campaigns to life and offer a distinctive experience to potential customers. What if your target customers can actually visualize & try your products by just scanning brochures and catalogues? Similarly, audio and video tours can be overlayed on the text in brochures/catalogues/leaflets to engage potential buyers.

Printed Newsletters

As an organization you might be dealing with lots of printed materials and marketing collaterals. You organization sends in loads of information to existing customers to try out new products, avail discounts, etc. How many of your customers actually read that lengthy, boring text? Make those printed materials like account statements more interactive by overlaying a customer representative who offers complete information in a different manner. This is sure to drive your existing marketing campaigns and improve customer engagement.