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Manage all product information centrally through product data and apps integration

Integrating all your product data and applications with the product information management solution, Credencys allows brands to keep their product data up to date. Not only that, we allow different departments of the organization to access updated product data and make the right decision

We utilize the power of Pimcore, an enterprise open-source technology, to provide seamless product data integration and apps integration. Developing easy-to-use APIs, we facilitate brands to search and retrieve all data in real-time. Integrating all your new and existing applications, we allow organizations to reuse product data or extend the PIM functionality. 

Implementing the advanced product information management platform, we ensure product data integration works effectively in order to create complete product data. Providing apps integration, our team ensures real-time data integration between two or more applications. 

Credencys has proven experience in integrating a wide variety of data and apps as per the specific business needs of the clients. Assuring the seamless data flow across different applications, we keep your data updated, accurate, and consistent across all the applications of the organization.

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    Product data and application integration expertise of Credencys

    Leverage our proven expertise in developing an advanced product information management platform that allows Credencys to integrate any existing enterprise systems and third-party applications. Offering flawless integration, we ascertain all your different systems work in sync and provide the correct output for internal and external stakeholders.

    Connecting APIs

    To facilitate brands with all kinds of integration, we offer easy import and export of data amongst external systems and PIM solutions. Utilizing the API-driven architecture of Pimcore, we provide an unbelievable depth and extent of connectivity of PIM with your existing enterprise systems such as ERP, DRM, BI, ESN, etc., and external third-party applications.

    To set up two-way real-time communication between PIM and other systems, we utilize a standard API, a fully-featured REST Web Services API, and a Data Hub GraphQL.

    Microsoft Excel integration

    Credencys has a team of PIM experts who build award-winning PIM solutions that allow companies to import and export XLSX and CSV spreadsheets. We offer Microsoft Excel integration by allowing natively import and export of one and two-dimensional data models.

    We allow companies to save configurations for later use as well as share them with other users too. Offering Microsoft Excel, we automatically match data of recurring imports and set up transformation rules for data exports.

    Easy data import

    Import data from different external sources by configuring mapping without writing a single line of code. We allow companies to perform one-time or recurring imports. The brands are allowed to fetch the data from remote HTTP or SFTP locations. Companies receive data by push.

    For data import, we support different file formats including JSON, CSV, XML, XLSX, and more. We configure different strategies for updating the data, defining a location for newly imported data, and cleaning existing data. Receive import status updates including external logging information.

    Product data syndication

    Developing and integrating the automated product information syndication of Pimcore’s PIM framework, we help brands gain customers’ attention across different channels and markets. We allow companies to deliver standardized and tailored product content to 2000+ pre-integrated shipping marketing, business, retail, and such other channels.

    Marketplace integration

    Credencys allows companies to distribute your product information across all the leading market places such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Walmart, and more. Offering complete cross-channel connectivity, we optimize and solidify your product information for every local, global, and niche marketplace. We also excel in integrating features of orchestrating stock information and multichannel order management across all marketplace channels.

    Product feed management

    Create exclusive product feeds and provide compelling shopping experiences to the buyers by integrating product feed management. We excel in developing customized product feed management that is specifically designed for the tailored needs of your target audience. It optimizes the customer experience across every channel and device.

    Embracing the advanced capabilities of Pimcore, we provide the right product information to the right marketing and social media channels from Google shopping to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Criteo, and more.

    Services offered by Credencys for product data and application integration

    Credencys has successfully deployed advanced digital platforms that help brands boost their sales and revenue by delivering extraordinary customer experiences. Integrating data from different sources and different applications, we help companies to get insightful information that contributes to business growth. To deliver effective product data integration and apps integration, we offer a wide range of services.


    To offer the right product data integration, we understand the data sets available with the clients and from which external sources they want to collect the data. For effective apps integration, we analyze the existing enterprise systems and third-party apps of the clients that they are using and want to integrate them with PIM solutions. Based on the analysis, we understand the client’s requirements and suggest a best-in-class solution.

    Discovery workshop

    Based on the analysis, we define the required technology stack for the right product data and apps integration. We also define the required technology architecture and structures for data inflow and outflow. We design the strategies for effective product data and apps integration that guarantees accurate, high-quality, and consistent product data update.


    Credencys excels in integrating the product data and apps to manage the product information in real-time. We ensure a seamless integration that keeps the product data updated across different systems. Integrating different systems and apps by writing clear code, we make sure all the departments access the updated product data.


    Before integrating the product data and apps with your existing product information management system, we understand the structure of the different software and applications and accordingly plan the integration so that all the application works in sync after the product data and apps integration.


    After integrating the product and apps with the required systems or solutions, we apply different testing to check the performance of the product information platforms. We apply varied manual and automated testing. Performing stress and functional testing, we reduce the solution downtime and improve its performance after the integration with various data platforms & apps.


    Once the testing is done, we implement the integrated product data and apps into a real-time technical environment. We implement the updated PIM solutions in the client’s preferred or existing server. We ensure the integrated product data and apps works flawlessly in the expected technical environment.

    Support & maintenance

    At Credencys, we offer post-sales support and maintenance services to keep the solutions updated with advanced technologies and feature sets. We offer bug fixing, feature enhancement, and system up-gradation under the support services. Under the maintenance services, we ensure the product data are updated across different systems.

    Industry recognition

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    What we are really proud of is building these great products for world-class brands

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Get 30 minutes free consultation to discuss how product data integration and apps integration is essential to keep your data updated, accurate and consistent.

    Why businesses should consider product data and application integration?

    Eliminate data redundancy

    With the product data & apps integration, brands can manage data centrally, reduce errors, and eliminate the chances of data duplication and redundancy.

    Improved agility

    Product data & apps integration helps different departments to work together and coordinate with each other effectively in a more agile and dynamic business space.

    Maximized data value

    When the data is unified, companies and employees can utilize the information in a better way, drive transparency at work and deliver more value out of the data.

    Improved decision making

    Access to reliable and accurate data provides a broader view of the business and empowers strategic decisions quickly and smartly.

    Our process for product data and application integration


    Requirement Gathering & Analysis

    • Understanding your business
    • Comprehending requirements
    • Drafting proposal document


    Wireframes & Design

    • Screenflow strategy
    • Creating wireframes
    • Designing the UI


    Quality Assurance

    • Testing the PIM solution
    • Sharing test report
    • Get final approval from client


    Deployment & Launch

    • Deploying a PIM solution on the client’s server
    • Launching the PIM solution
    • Post-launch support

    Engagement models for product data and apps integration

    Credencys has a team of skilled and experienced PIM experts who have deployed award-winning product information management platforms with a wide range of product data and apps integration. To access our skillset, you can choose any of the engagement models listed below.

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    Fixed cost

    It is the right choice for projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.
    credencys image

    Time & material

    The engagement model allows you to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.
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    Offshore development center

    We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

    Tools & Technologies

    While integrating the product data and apps with the relevant digital platform, we ensure every data and apps work in sync. Credencys utilizes the latest tools and technologies to keep the product data updated across the organization and different departments.

    Clients who believed in us!

    FAQs: product data and apps integration

    Product data integration allows companies to combine data from disparate systems and sources and enable the organizations with an aggregated and consolidated view of product data.

    Apps integration/application integration is a process of enabling the separately designed applications to work together. Brands can access the data and functionality from independently designed applications through what appears to be a single user interface or application service.

    Yes. Pimcore is one of the most reliable data and experience management platforms that enable companies with all the benefits related to product data & apps integration related benefits such as speed to market, real-time data, holistic customer view, reduced errors, improved productivity, and more.

    Data integration deals with a large set of product data. Once the businesses have the complete data sets with them, the data integration process can be started. On the other hand, apps or applications integration is about integrating real-time data amongst two or more applications.


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