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Modern Application development is a complicated process with Apps expected to perform on multiple platforms, operating systems, form factors, network connections and carriers. Amidst all this, Software Quality Assurance is not an easy task; a simple bug or vulnerability can impede your App performance, spoil customer experience or much worse land your critical data into wrong hands.


Moreover, in the fast paced business environment development speed cannot suffer due to lengthy software quality controls and slow approval processes. This poses increased pressure on the quality testing teams using traditional tools and processes for application testing. Credencys expedites these processes with Automation and by employing best practices in Software Testing & QA.


"I think one cannot emphasize more on the importance of Quality Assurance in any Software project. Despite its crucial nature, Quality Testing and Assurance effectively takes a back seat in projects using traditional approach. Agile and automated testing helps us ensure that Quality checks are introduced early in the cycle for improved speed and overall efficiency."


Credencys Software Quality Assurance Process

Timely Feedback

Less Iteration

Quicker Development

Credencys uses Scrum & DevOps to manage software projects and make timely deliveries meeting Acceptance Criteria. Within this work approach, User Stories and Acceptance Criteria are crucial in pegging Quality as an underlying feature.


This practice allows developers to capture work taking into account users’ perspective of quality, from the very beginning. This high level user centric definition is crucial for ensuring that both



Individual Acceptance Criteria are defined for all User Stories and may vary depending on the story.

  • Functional
  • Performance
  • Language
  • Non-Functional
  • Installation
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Vulnerability
  • Memory

Test Cases to meet
Acceptance Criteria

Developers get a better broad level view to write test cases that meet the Acceptance Criteria.

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Language Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Memory Testing


Apart from manual session based tests, automated software testing helps developers avoid any oversights, repeat the tests for thoroughness and ensure higher consistency & efficiency.

  • Unit Tests
  • API Tests
  • Component Tests
  • Integration Tests
  • GUI Tests
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"Prior to development of our product, I researched many developers both nationally and internationally. I chose Credencys because of their experience and pricing model. Credencys is a highly professional company with the experience to take on any project. They were able to complete the deliverables of my project goals on time and within budget. The development process was timely and comprehensive. They were able to offer multiple solutions to all of my questions. We had the vision and with the help of Credencys, our project was a success. I highly recommend Credencys to anyone considering product development in the mobile space."

Andrew Williams Senior Designer, IO Blocks View Case Study

Quality Assurance with top-notch Tools

By using modern test methodologies and frameworks you can improve service quality and speed time to market. Our developers and centre of excellence will help you in identifying appropriate test processes to automate and enhance Agility and continuity in integration and delivery methodologies.

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