How Can Businesses Adapt New Normal using Pimcore

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How To Adapt Your Business To The “New Normal” Using PIMCore In Less Than 4 Weeks?

After COVID-19, industries are struggling to adapt to the “new normal”. It is difficult to stay competitive when the entire ecosystem is breaking down. Pimcore, a leading digital experience platform, helps retailers, manufacturers, and distributors recover from the effects of the pandemic by driving better operational efficiency.

Watch our webinar, where Credencys has shared valuable insights on how Pimcore implementation helps your business to adapt “new normal” seamlessly. 

What Will You Learn

  • Key digital initiatives to consider in new normal” 

    Understand the impact of the new normal on manufacturing, retail, and distribution industries. Identify the cornerstone digital initiatives that help businesses stay relevant in the postCOVID era. 

  • 3 secrets of a successful digital strategy 

    #1: Product is at the center of everything you will do  

    #2: ERP is not the right place to store product information  

    #3: PIMCore is a zero-cost enterprise-grade solution 


  • Personalized consultation and FREE demo 

    Ask for a personalized consultation with our experts to understand how Pimcore addresses your data management challenges. Request for a free demo to see your data in action. 

Speakers' Details

Sagar Sharma
Co-Founder and CTO,
Credencys Solutions Inc.