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AR App for Experiential Marketing

Augmented Reality solution for marketing Cisco's equipments

Work portfolio


Cisco as a global brand is known to employ innovative strategies in its product launches. In a marketing event, Cisco wanted to showcase how with Cisco DX650 and DX80 video conferencing products, businesses can collaborate and work together efficiently. Demoing the teleconferencing devices through brochures or pamphlets usually has a measly impact on guests; hence, to ensure that visitors get an immersive experience and not just a brochure to carry home, Cisco identified AR based promotion as a good option. Credencys took this opportunity and developed an AR App for Cisco.

How it Works

The augmented reality app is installed in the Android Box which connects to a large HD TV via HDMI and web-camera via USB. A web-camera is mounted over the TV to capture information from the tracker images. This information is transferred to the Android box which plays multimedia content on the TV after receiving. Booth visitors are provided with product posters (tracker images) which when held up in front of a large HD television, initiates a corresponding 3D video animation on the TV. This animation displays relevant product features in an engaging way.


  • Immersive experience for guests
  • Better engagement and higher footfall at booths
  • Higher number of leads for marketers
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