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Client background

Contrast Media is a USA-based experiential marketing company. They help small to mid-scale businesses set up booths and stalls while participating in expos or exhibitions or events across the USA. The client provides all the required material such as hoardings, banners, charts, carpets, wooden material, clipboards, etc. to the organizations who are willing to set up a stall/booth at the expo.

What were the challenges of the client?

The client used to manage inventory of the stall set up material across the four warehouses. They used to store and manage inventory data manually in different digital files such as excel sheets, spreadsheets, etc. Due to the scattered data, they were not able to manage and track the inventory effectively. It results in bad customer experience and eventually business loss.

Additionally, the client used to manage customer data in disparate platforms. The customer information is available in digital files and on the executives’ phones.

In the absence of a centralized system, Contrast Media was facing the challenges of inefficient inventory management and poor customer experiences.


How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?

Credencys has utilized Pimcore technology to build a robust inventory management system for Contrast Media. We developed and integrated Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) frameworks of Pimcore while building the solution for effective, centralized, and accurate inventory management.

Admin Panel for Contrast Media

We have developed an admin panel for the internal staff of Contrast Media. It helps the employees to store and manage inventory, item, and customer information in a single repository.

When the items reach the warehouses, the warehouse managers add the item details in the inventory management solution. Admin panel works as a single repository for the client that manages the inventory of all four warehouses. As the clients can get a holistic view of all the inventory from a single platform, it becomes easier to track in-stock and out-of-stock inventory.

Interface for business associates

We allowed the business associates of Contrast Media to upload item data and perform item data editing for their respective items from the respective backend interfaces.


Credencys developed a website for the warehouse staff of Contrast Media. Executives are allowed to add the item information and store the data in the inventory management system. Deploying an inventory management system, we streamlined inventory management operations for the client.

Key features of the app

Bulk item upload

The client and its business associates are allowed to upload single or bulk items in the inventory management system. They can import the data from CSV files and manage all the inventory items in a centralized repository. We integrated bulk item upload and bulk companies upload functionality that allows the client to download sample CSV files for companies and items.


Category management

Integrating category management, we help the client to manage the item data in a classified and structured way. Developing a parent-child model for category management, we assist the client to differentiate between main categories and subcategories.

With the proper item categorization, the client organizes all the item data in a logical way in the inventory management solution.

Warehouse management

Contrast Media has 4 warehouses at different locations in California, USA. Deploying the inventory management system, we allowed the client to manage item information and inventory for all the items available in all the warehouses.

An inventory management system facilitates the client with a holistic view of all in-stock and out-of-stock items from a single platform.


Inventory management

When a new item comes to the warehouse, the warehouse manager enters all the required item data in the inventory management solution. It allows managing all the essential inventory details. We help the client to track the in-stock and out-of-stock item details easily and accordingly manage item inventory seamlessly.

The inventory management feature helps Contrast Media to address the challenge of shortage of inventory and maintain the stock of items successfully.

Customer data management

The clients used to manage the customer details such as name, organization name, company address, contact number, email, etc. either in excel sheets or on the phone. Now they manage all the customer details in the inventory management system. Once all the customer details are in one place, it becomes easier to access, manage and find the customer details quickly.


Product Information Management (PIM)

Integrating Product Information Management, we help Contrast Media to manage the item details in a centralized repository. It stores a wide variety of details for the items like wooden material, banners, charts, clipboards, and more along with all the essential item attributes such as color, size, height, weight, and so on.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Implementing Digital Asset Management, we help the client to manage the items with all the related media assets such as images, videos, documents, user manuals, graphics, etc.

We integrate product information management with digital asset management so when the client accesses the item data to check the inventory, they can view the relevant image files too from the same item page.



We have developed a website for the team of Contrast Media. It contains a form that needs to be filled by warehouse staff with all the required item details. When the user submits the form, the data gets stored in the inventory management system.

The form is accessible through a web browser as well as a mobile browser. It helps the executives to fill the inventory details on the fly using their smartphones from anywhere at any time.

Business impacts/benefits of the app

Single source of truth

The inventory management system works as a single source of truth as it allows Contract Media to manage all the inventory, item, and relevant media assets centrally. The team of Contrast Media can access the inventory, item, and customer details quickly and take required actions and make sure of the available quality.

Streamlined inventory management workflow

We transformed manual inventory and items data management operations into automated ones. The scattered data are managed in a centralized location. Earlier, the client used to manage the data into different excel sheets across all 4 warehouses. Now, the team of Contrast Media manages all the inventory, item, and customer data in a single system.

Better customer experience

Centralized management of inventory simplifies inventory tracking and management. The client maintains the inventory stock in the warehouses based on the items’ availability and customer demand. Thus, the inventory management system helps the client to create and deliver a better customer experience.

Time saving

After the implementation of the inventory management system, Contrast Media and its business associates can upload item data in bulk in the solution. It saves a lot of time for data entry for the users.