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Taxi Booking Application for SF based Cab company

Mobile solution connecting cab drivers & passengers


Making use of GPS and location tracking based mobile applications has become an imperative for businesses associated with transportation. This prompted our client, who owns a large fleet of Taxis, to go for a mobile solution, which not only helps in tracking and booking of taxis, but also automates payments to a large extent. This automation of payments, along with several other customized features make GoCYTY standout form any other taxi-booking application in the market. Its simple and intuitive interface makes tracking of nearest taxis easier for the user. On the other hand, those customers who don’t have the app installed on their mobiles can also get their bookings done by simply calling the customer care.


As per the requirements laid down by the client, Credencys created three separate interfaces for Passenger, Driver and Admin. The mobile app, making use of the GPS tracking facility provides passengers live location of nearest available Taxis in their neighborhood, with options to choose pick and drop locations along with ‘pick later’ choice. With this mobile App, customers can also scan their credit cards, for automated payments at the end of their rides. Similarly, the driver interface of the application makes nearest drivers aware of the booking request, giving them an option to accept or reject the request. Regular customers can also book a ride simply through a call. In certain cases Customer Care Executive can also assign taxis to the users, using the web interface.


  • Real time location updates of the cab.
  • Live tracking of the ride after boarding the cab.
  • Immediate and hassle free payments at end of the rides.
  • One touch ride booking.
  • Easy cancellation.
  • Admin can access real time reports and evaluate the system from time to time.
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