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Agustin Espinosa & Roberto Donoso wanted to build a marketing and promotions based applications for connecting local merchants and customers. They sought a solution which would allow merchants to put up deals and customers to redeem the same in return for information which would help merchants to promote and get repeat business.


Credencys offered its consulting and software development services to build Mas Mas – which involved creation of separate Apps for customers and businesses along with a Web application. Mas Mas Customer App allows customers to get latest offers, deals and coupons based on their interests. Whereas the business App allows businesses to manage deals and locations with easy customization features. A free dashboard provides all the key metrics in exportable graphs, to PDF and Excel, in real time. Businesses can also create sub-users and set restrictions for better management of user data.

Prominent Features

  • User dashboard for analytics
  • Sub user profiles with manageable restrictions
  • Communication – businesses may interact with customers directly


  • Customers can easily avail and manage deals on their smartphones
  • Customers can access deals in their nearby locations
  • Businesses can benefit from quality user data
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