Connecting Homecare Services Professionals with Customers

A mobile based solution for appointment management and customer care

About the Client

NuevaCare is the home care service providing division of California Dept. of Social Services. It is serving California Bay Area with high quality and personalized home care services. More than 2000 caregivers are registered with NuevaCare as W-2 employees.

Application Overview

The idea behind NuevaCare App development was to mobile-enable its clients (usually, patients’ family/guardians or patient himself in rare cases) to provide NuevaCare services to their dependent beloved ones who are residing in California Bay Area. This app enables the clients to choose personalized, professional and high-end home care services that best serve the dependent’s needs.

Credencys Made the Difference

Credencys designed and developed an intuitive, easy to operate, intelligent mobile app suite. It contains a mobile app for clients, one for the registered caregivers and a web & mobile interface for the NuevaCare Managers.


Client Application can be used by the guardian of patients to find and book the personalized NuevaCare services along with support services. While, the Caregiver’s App helps caregivers to easily manage and maintain their own profile and schedule.


The Backend App helps the NuevaCare management to manage caregiver’s profile and patient records. It also connects and well-schedule the clients and caregivers without hitches.

Credencys Delivered

NuevaCare Client App

The Client App from NuevaCare app suite enables the user to choose the service required, patient’s condition and problems, patient’s location, their preference of caregiver, and other specific needs. As per these details, clients are given best matches of available caregivers with service-ratings and skill-set. Clients can send an online request to book the one they choose. Alternatively, the App avails them an option to directly connect to the managers who can help them to choose and book the appropriate caregivers.


Once clients book and subscribe any NuevaCare caregiver, they can view their weekly schedule on the App. Further, they can contact support management to reschedule, postpone or cancel their scheduled services.


With Google map integration, the App tracks the caregivers location from 15 minutes before the service schedule. This is meant to ensure that the caregiver is on his way and to verify that there is no unplanned delay or cancellation.


The customer support features are placed conveniently to allow clients to get connected to NuevaCare support managers at any point of time without any complicated processes. The App has notification feature that informs the clients if there are any changes/updates in their services, schedule, etc.

NuevaCare Caregiver App

Whenever any caregiver gets registered with NuevaCare, he/she is provided access to this App. It provides the caregiver with his confirmed schedule and care seeker’s location with map-view for directions.

NuevaCare Backend App

This App is integrated with both the Client App and Caregiver App to receive the requests sent from those applications. This Backend App is enabled for multiple moderators to access and operate it. The App moderators coordinate with clients and caregivers and take appropriate actions on those requests. The App also sends relative and important notifications to clients and caregivers on their respective application.


This Backend App is the smart management application that resolves a lot of complexities and hassles in coordinating with clients and caregivers while smartly managing their schedules with excellent customer services. Using this application the management can smoothly manage caregivers records, availability and his accounts. It also manages subscriber’s details, his preferences and feedbacks.


The google map integration enables it to track location of clocked-in caregivers to effectively monitor their punctuality and schedule followings.

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