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VR App for Product Demonstration

Virtual Reality solution for demonstrating Ovivo's latest innovations in the wastewater treatment industry


Ovivo is a global water treatment solution provider with 200 years of domain expertise. In an expo, Ovivo wanted to effectively showcase how its water treatment equipment process water. The company was aware that expo attendees would not be too eager to go through a presentation; neither would a brochure be able to hold their interest. To demo their equipment and it’s mechanism effectively, they found VR to be a good option. Credencys offered it development services to create Ovivo VR – an App which creates a virtual showcase for Ovivo’s equipment.


Credencys developed Ovivo VR – a Google cardboard application that provides attendees 360 degree view of Ovivo’s equipment and water treatment processes in a virtual environment. With this App, users can follow the flow of influent as it works its way through Ovivo’s treatment systems. The VR App creates an immersive experience for the attendees, helping them view, listen and understand how Ovivo products combine mechanical, biological, and chemical methods to process water.


  • Water treatment mechanism is elucidated through 360 degree 3D animation
  • Handy instructions assist first time users to correctly use the App


  • The App increases footfall and engagement levels at Ovivo’s booth.
  • Marketing staff receives higher number of quality leads.
  • Target audience gets better understanding of Ovivo’s capabilities.
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