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Digital Solution to improve customer engagement in shopping malls

Beacons, Mobile applications and web solutions to enagage customers in malls

About the Client

Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore is labelled as "largest lifestyle engagement destination" spread across 1.4 million square feet, with 280+ stores representing an exhaustive mix of International, National and Regional premium brands, happening signature events and concerts with national and international content. It offers unforgettable ambience and compelling shopping experience.

Client Requirements

Phoenix Marketcity recognized the need to establish a digital footprint with an android, iOS and web-based platform which would engage mall visitors and increase revenue for brick-and-mortar businesses. With digital presence, the company projected an increase in customer engagement, footfall, customer-loyalty, and awareness for promotional offers. At the same time, they wanted to create an easily manageable collective backend with appropriate flexibilities and control.

Application Overview

Credencys designed and developed the application with well-defined features and advanced functionalities. The entire system has an intuitive backend panel and centralized management with customizable user-specific roles, rights and permissions.


The App enhances customer awareness for the promotional offers, new arrivals or services and mall events. This is to facilitate branding and marketing services to in-mall businesses by providing digital space on Phoenix Marketcity platform.


Additionally, it boosts visitors’ in-mall experience & also keep them connected afterwards when they are not in the premises, all at their comfort and convenience using their web or mobile browser.

Application Highlights

Backend Management

Key Features


Centralized Control Syste

The backend has centralized monitoring for Phoenix Marketcity web and mobile applications, for all cities. The master admin can define and manage rights and permission for different user types. It is infused with multi user and user specific application sign-in option. The cloud based system enables all users to access their account from anywhere using their connected device.

WYSiWYG (What You See is What You Get) Editor

Credencys delivered pre designed cards and layouts which can be conveniently dragged and dropped to enable self-building or redesigning the web and mobile Apps.


The backend provides smart analytics of users engagement patterns, their browsing behaviors, engagement statistics, etc.

Easy to Manage

The backend management for Geofencing, email campaigning, newsletters, event-accounts, assets, web-content, mall entities, their own profile etc. can be done easily without any special training needs.

Marketing Campaigns & Foot-fall Booster

In retails malls, increasing footfall has a direct effect on its business revenue. Therefore successful marketing campaigns are a core need. Keeping it in mind, Credencys developed the web and mobile app by incorporating geo-fencing feature to reach target audience and gain maximum customer awareness for mall’s Email/SMS campaigning, Event promotions etc.

Coupled with user’s web/mobile browsing behaviours, the geo-fencing rules can be further customized. The designed features provide a range of templates, layouts, tools, filters, etc. to launch marketing campaigns on the go.


Key Features



iBeaconThe iBeacon integration enables management to keep track of visitors in mall and target them with personalized offers via sms, email, and push notifications.

E-commerce for In-mall Stores

Phoenix avails the mall in-stores an opportunity to expand their business using digital platform of Phoenix marketcity. They can manage their business profile, create and manage e-commerce services, online bookings, etc. using payment gateway of Phoenix marketcity only.

Recommendation Engine

It recommends visits and offers to user based on his web or mobile App browsing patterns, past mall visits, shopping experiences, etc. to understand his preferences and needs.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Key Features


Mall-store Locator with Filters Applicable

In-mall store map locator with filters and recommendation engine’s suggestions to seamlessly find right shopping destinations in mall, along with ideo locator & path indicator. Furthermore, parking space booking on this App is a smash hit for outstanding customer experience.

Personalized Promotional Offerings

The recommendation engine and ibeacon notify as per customer’s personal choices and preferences, providing relative and useful information.

Shop Online

It facilitates the end-users to shop online from Phoenix Marketcity in-stores. It also backs up gaining customer engagement with mall and its stores, using this virtual platform.

Concierge Facilities

It enables the Phoenix mobile/web App users to directly connect to mall’s concierge facilities through their digital platform itself.

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Streamlined Operations Management

The App was also designed to support mall operations to run smoothly. Therefore, the App has provisions of adopting online concierge management system, vehicle parking management, email response workflow manager, material management etc. This helps in managing such a gigantic mall in an organized manner without hassles.