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On-demand courier delivery mobile application

Connecting customers with courier delivery persons to pick-up and drop the parcels at doorstep

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Transport & Logistics


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Client background

Quorier is a logistic tech company that delivers safe and reliable courier delivery services across Singapore. They provide local and international logistics services by connecting end customers with thousands of verified courier companies and 9000+ trusted delivery persons. The client is passionate about making the courier delivery services as simple as possible by harnessing the potential of emerging technologies.

What was the objective of the client?

The client wanted to make a difference in the conventional courier services where customers used to approach either a courier service provider or post office to send their parcels. A courier delivery boy picks up the parcels from a post office or the courier service provider’s office then delivers it to the respective receivers’.

They wanted to develop a solution that enables customers with end-to-end courier delivery services. The courier delivery person picks-up parcel from the customer’s doorstep and delivers to recepient’s doorstep. Their vision was to allow customers to send goods safely without stepping out their door.

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?

Credencys developed a mobile app that allows the client to fulfill its objective to add value to the customers' life by allowing them to send their parcels in an easy and hassle-free way. It’s a platform that connects end customers, the client and delivery men to set up transparent communication across all the stakeholders.

The app serves all types of users, whether they are individuals or business clients. They can simply register with the mobile application, book/schedule the delivery, make a payment, get the parcel collected from the preferred location, and track the goods status until delivery.


Key features of the application

  • Real-time tracking

    Enable customers with transparent tracking and instant updates of their goods from pick up to delivery using the app. It helps them to get complete visibility about up to what time the courier will reach to receiver’s doorstep.

  • Notifications

    The app sends notifications to customers and keeps them updated for the whereabouts of their goods. Customers do not need to check the app every now and then to trace the status of their parcels.

  • Digital signature

    To ensure customers about the right parcel is delivered to the right person, the app contains a feature of digital signature. Once recipients receive the courier, they can do digital signature in the app. It confirms that the goods have reached to its destination.

  • In-app messaging

    Customer can interact with the delivery man at any time to make any changes in delivery using the in-app chat/messaging.

  • Secured payment

    Customers can make payment for parcel delivery through a secured payment gateway (Stripe), bank account, and cards.

  • Schedule delivery

    The app allows customers to schedule their deliveries in advance. The delivery person will collect the parcel on scheduled date and time from a pre-defined location.

Key results achieved through the app

38% increase in revenue through the new courier delivery app

64% improvement in user engagement with the app by integrating real-time tracking of parcel delivery

Business impact/benefits of the app

Time saving

With on-demand courier pick-up and delivery app, customers do not need to visit the nearby courier service provider or post office and do not need to stand in a long queue. The courier boy comes to their doorstep to pick up the parcel and deliver it to the respective recipient's address. Customers can spend time on activities that matter rather than doing mundane tasks.

Transparent communication

To inform any change in delivery or get information on the whereabouts of goods, customers can connect with the delivery person via in-app messaging. It helps in establishing transparent communication amongst customers and deliverer by eliminating any mediator.

Reliable & safe delivery

The app is connected with hundreds of courier delivery agencies & post offices and 9000+ delivery men to provide end-to-end courier pick-up and drop services. With the help of such a large and strong network, the logistic tech company can deliver the parcels on time at to the right recipients.

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