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A workflow management solution to streamline business operations

Simplified the existing processes of a construction consultancy by developing a feature-rich web application

Client’s Industry

Construction Consultancy



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Client background

The client is a New York based leading construction consulting service provider. They help real estate developers, contractors, property owners, architects, and civil engineers in filing and obtaining permits for their construction sites. They provide exclusive consultation about city regulations, property compliance & maintenance, and all municipal requirements start from the pre-construction phase to project completion.

They coordinate with different government agencies of New York such as DOB (Department of Buildings), DOT (Department of Transportation), DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), Fire Safety Department, etc. to get permission for construction.

What was the objective of the client?

The client was already using a FoxPro based desktop application for several years. The software allowed the client to

Manage different projects and jobs

Manage applications and permits (that the team filed across the different departments)

Manage all the documents that created for different agencies and submitted to the respective agencies

Create different jobs to meet the committed timeline

Send emails to the customers about the job progress and application status

Create different jobs to meet the committed timeline

This old application provided varied challenges to meet new business needs and was hard to extent or scale as it was built using an old technology.

Hard to manage

The software was hard to extend as per the changing business requirements. It was tough to add new features and functionality in the system as it was proprietary and support for the technology was scarce.


The employees were not able to access the system on the go while visiting the construction site. This created an inconvenience for the staff as they were not able to get insights about the project and make appropriate decisions.


Software re-engineering was required to make the system compatible with the latest technologies. They wanted to develop a new application that covers all functionality of the old software product and allows to add advanced

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?

Credencys proposed software re-engineering for the existing FoxPro based desktop application using modern web and cloud technologies - Angular JS and .NET. While planning the new workflow app, we ensured that the platform enables the client with better project management tool where the employees get all the information in a more holistic and complete fashion.

Key features of the application

Key results achieved through the app

The cloud-based platform allows to update project info in real-time and access the project details on the go using a tablet or laptop

Task allocation across the team happens on the go

Invoicing becomes more accurate, streamlined & paperless with QuickBooks integration

Digitized RFP process allows the client to file more jobs & proposals and execute the project in time by maintaining the highest quality standards

Business impact/benefits of the app

Streamlined Workflow

Credencys has automated various business operations such as RFP process, job creation procedure, in-app emailing, etc. for the client. It helps the client to leverage shorter workflow to perform a particular job.

Drive Efficiency through Quick Accessibly

Using Dropbox as a centralized repository for their documents, the client can access all the essential information on the go (through laptop & tablet) from a single platform. Instant access to essential information drive efficiency to the project or job.

Get Actionable Insights in Real-time

The client gets real-time insights about the status of their applications and permits. It helps them to make the right decision at the time to get approval from the external agencies and complete the project on time.

Accelerated Revenue Cycle

Invoice creation process becomes faster and automated with the integration of QuickBooks accounting system. Also, it allows the client to send invoices to the customers directly from the web application.

Technology stack