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Digital signage solution ​​​​​​​for Taco Bell

A simple and stable signage solution to display menu items and promote new ones by catching the attention of customers via video walls

Client’s Industry

Quick Service Restaurant Chain



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Client background

Burman Hospitality, one of India’s leading FMCG companies, entered into a strategic partnership with Taco Bell in the year 2015. Taco Bell is an American multinational quick-service restaurant chain. It is famous for its tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and burritos. It serves to over 2 billion customers each year at 7072 restaurants across the world.

What was the objective of the client?

The client wanted to upgrade its existing digital signage solution for its Taco Bell outlets across India. They were looking for a reliable vendor who offers them a video wall solution and managed services along with the digital signage solution.

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?

Credencys provided a smart and simple digital signage solution to display menu items. We also offered managed services along with a video wall solution to catch the attention of customers to new products and offers. Today Xynage powers 200+ screens across 40+ Taco Bell outlets in India.


Key features of the ​​​​​​​application

Wide range of media support

A user can choose from a wide range of media files such as images, videos, and more. Xynage can also display all of them on a single screen.

Effortless menu board creation

It allows a user to add or remove a menu item by a simple drag-and-drop gesture. It also supports the overlay of a video over images and vice versa.

Central Management

A user can remotely control and manage the content using the custom CMS or using our hassle-free cloud hosting with zero maintenance.

Automatic scheduling

Flexible scheduling allows changes in content on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis automatically. The CMS also supports event-based scheduling.

Offline storage

A user can store and schedule the content on the local server, which is then pushed to the cloud as soon as the Internet connection resumes.

Simple plug-and-play installation

A user can start using Xynage with a simple plug-and-play operation. It requires a display device, an HDMI cable, and an internet connection.

Business impact/benefits of the app

More customer engagement

The client was able to achieve more customer engagement after implementing the video wall solution. It helped them catch the attention of more customers than earlier.

Efficient product promotion

The client was able to promote new products temptingly by adopting our video wall solution to show high-resolution images and playing high-definition videos over the video wall.

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